Wii U going to keep you in shape

InEnt writes: When Nintendo first launched the Wii back in late 2006 it took the world by storm with how unique it was. Now Nintendo has a much bigger task because we would like to know how the Wii U is going to keep you in shape? The reason we say it’s a much bigger task this time round is because when Nintendo released Wii Fit there was no other game or console doing the same thing, that is no longer the case because both the Xbox 360 and the PS3 now utilize their motion-sensing technology to get you fit.

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danswayuk2234d ago

I've never bought into the get in shape gaming, more hardcore thumbs myself.

RedDead2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

Exercise bike + game pad > exercise games

miyamoto2234d ago

I have a feeling the soccer mons has learned their lessons.

Dovahkiin2234d ago

And give you repetitive strain injury at the same time!

TheLyonKing2234d ago

Or you could I dunno not waste like 250-300 on a machine and instead go for a run outside, press ups, sit ups etc.

The stupidity of some people who think buying a machine to keep you fit is ridiculous!

ChickeyCantor2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

I really don't see how it's stupid.
It's about motivation. The software basically becomes a personal "trainer". It keeps stats and what not. It's also in the comfort of their own home. The balance board also helps them position their body right( which really isn't a bad thing at all ).

People are more inclined to be motivated when a scheme/planning is setup.

Of course buying it solely for that is far too expensive. But if they buy it with games ( not matter how casual it is ) I can see the appeal. I can understand why they would pick it up.

Besides Wii-fit was not meant as a complete replacement. It was simply to keep you moving.

I myself wouldn't buy it, I just go to the gym. But people really need to stop being so judge mental towards others. If they are happy with it, what is it to you?

"Or you could I dunno not waste like 250-300 on a machine "

Same could be said about Apple users? LOL.

PopRocks3592234d ago


There are exceptions. Some people don't live in a suitable exercise environment or they live too far away from (or don't want to spend the money on) equipment or local gyms.

Games like these are also a little more entertaining for kids who otherwise not as physically active as they could or should be. So they're not *that* bad. They just cannot nor should they be approached by a core gamer looking for the next Halo, Killzone or Zelda.

TheLyonKing2234d ago

I never mentioned the gym though, I live a fair bit away from the gym so I do in house stuff like press ups and sit ups you don't a personal trainer to keep you going if you want to lose weight or gain muscle its all will power. If you buy a Wii U for training then I think it is a very dumb move.
All you need is a friend to keep your motivations up if you are struggling not a machine.
I am excited for the Wii U but not excited that the wii fit fade will come back for people to then not use it again after a couple of months.

ozzywazzy2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

ugh!.. it's crap like this that turns gamers away from these systems. If you want to sport some abs, join a boxing gym or lift some weights. This casual shiet is really a huge a turn off period.

Hate to piss on people's cornflakes but stepping on a Wii board won't do shiet for you.

ChickeyCantor2233d ago

So Casual games like these: http://gameratio.cheatcodes...

Didn't turn you away from the PS2?

People need to stop overreacting.
If you turn away because someone might associate you with the "soccer moms", then you have some growing up to do. Who cares what people think of you.

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