Art In Games: Resistance 3

TVGB: "Having played the original and its sequel, both of which I really enjoyed, I can't think of any reason why I'm still to play Resistance 3. It's been on my to-play list ever since it was announced, yet nine months after its release, I still haven't played it. And what's most regrettable about it, is that this is a franchise I've had fun playing. A first-person shooter which involves aliens invading a very beige-colored world? It's all been done before, yet beyond these clichés, Insomniac Games managed to hook me in with games I enjoyed every second I spent on them. "

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remanutd552171d ago

i love the New York Chapter, i love the story but the level i like the most is New York

gtxgamer22171d ago

i have yet to play R3, i played 1 an 2 but never 3 ]=

deno2171d ago

You better start playing, because resistance 3 is really good.

egidem2171d ago

Same here. Played Resistance 1, 2, Retribution but not 3. Played the open beta though, which was good.

I seriously need to pick up a copy of this game. It's WAY overdue on my to play list.

cpayne932171d ago

Same here I really love resistance. Can't wait for burning skies.

remanutd552171d ago

hopefully we get a true portable Resistance game

Pintheshadows2171d ago

I liked the boat section and the part in a snowy central park.

ger23962171d ago

One of the best games I've played this year. Had lots of fun. Its a shame it got over looked by a lot of people.

mayberry2171d ago

I really liked all the resistance games, r3 had the same art style that hooked me from the beginning!

nik666uk2171d ago

Kept freezing on me at the start then corrupted my hard drive losing 3 years worth of stuff so R3 can go get fucked for me!!!!

ginsunuva2171d ago

R1 was the best in art style, story, gameplay, and MP.
R2 had a mediocre campaign and some crazy but unbalanced and unpolished MP. The Coop was fun, though, except it took an hour to kill each enemy with a chaingun. It felt more like a mix of UT/Halo/Cod than Resistance.
R3 had a great campaign, with some good art, but a horrible story and setting. It also still didn't feel like Resistance at all. But it was good when viewed on its own. The MP was crud, though; Insomniac really put all their effort into the SP this time instead of MP.