Call of Duty Vita Pre-order Cases Found

It looks like more details for the Vita's Call of Duty are imminent, as pre-order cases have been discovered and E3 looms near.

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core_52505d ago

i think that´s pure speculation by the retailer

sinncross2505d ago

Spring is too soon that is for sure but I am pretty sure a COD for PSV is coming this year. Most likely a port of BO2.

Raiz2505d ago

black ops II looks highly unlikely......

user77927882505d ago

@Raiz why is it unlikely?

egidem2505d ago

With some modification and weaking, they can get at least a Call of Duty game running on the PSV, even one of the Modern Warfares.

This is most likely NOT going to be a port of BO 2.

SandWitch2505d ago

As Tripe_Down already said it's just a speculation by the retailer. Call of Duty Vita was confirmed to arrive this autumn.

cmpunk532505d ago

Black ops 2 can work and there's no need for the vita version to match the consoles visuals. Look at mortal kombat it ever garnered much better reviews than its console version and the developers just need to replicate, lessen the polygons, give it decent frame rate and with cross play and a bit more features it will definitely work. Or they create a unique game with playable maps with the ps3 ala wipeout2048

knifefight2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

Now THIS is really big news!

Rockefellow2505d ago

If you bothered to view the article, the image is FAR from fuzzy and faraway. It's just a giant image and got condensed oddly in the preview here.

knifefight2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

I stand corrected, this riveting, innovative box art image has blown my mind. Great job.

Rockefellow2505d ago

Well, that's a different issue than what you originally said. Regardless, I didn't take the photo, and surely you've seen bad pre-order box art before. At least there was a little effort put into it; usually, they just splatter the game's name in bold font on a black background and call it good.

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