How Multiplayer Affects Our Games

Remember when we didn't have Xbox Live or PSN? Now, game developers tend to ignore the quality of their single player campaigns, and focus entirely on the multiplayer aspect only causing their games to lack an effective drive. How has multiplayer affected the quality of our games?

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NukaCola2079d ago

Devs seem to think MP equals replay value. It can help, but replay value to me is the quality of the game. I rather not have any MP at all if the best experience I will have with the game is by myself enjoying it alone. I love a good single player story.

bumnut2078d ago

I don't mind a well made mulitplayer game, they are fun. A pointless tacked on mulitplayer mode that offers nothing is what I hate.

StrawberryDiesel4202079d ago

I agree with you. In my opinion, the integration of MP into SP in Demon's Souls was sheer genius. That along with Dark Souls don't compromise SP because of MP or vice versa due to the brilliant implementation of both together.

cpayne932079d ago

Man I hate how the servers for demon's souls are going down end of this month. I'm playing a lot until then. Absolutely adore how the multiplayer added atmosphere to the game with the ghosts and bloodstains. Actually, I just opened up a can of whup-ass on some guy who tried to invade me a few hours ago.

ginsunuva2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

Yeah, most devs think multiplayer is the only way to prevent used sales or trade-ins.

There are some games that work well in SP and MP (Killzone, Resistance FoM, LittleBigPlanet, Portal 2, Journey, Demon's Souls, and pretty much any fighter, racer or sports game.) The trick is to have a gameplay mechanic that works seamlessly for both SP and MP.

There are some games that have unnecessary MP and should be SP only (Dead Space, bioshock 2)

A lot of games have great MP that doesn't work in SP (Battlefield, CoD, L4D, Starhawk, Twisted Metal). MAG and Warhawk strayed from SP and it benefitted them.

And then there are a few SP games that had MP placed in, but it actually turned out decent or good (Uncharted, Mass Effect, RDR, AC, and maybe GoW Ascension)

If SP devs want to combat used sales and whatnot, do what Rocksteady does: Singleplayer dlc and singeplayer pass (catwoman). They shouldn't waste time shoving MP into it.