The Bitbag - Prototype 2 review: Mindless fun

When the first Prototype came out in 2009, it had a few pretty cool elements going for it. Consuming enemies and taking their form and memories, punching helicopters, jumping over buildings with a single bound and being able to transform the protagonist’s arms into various weapons. But the fun lasted for only a short while and after consuming the 5,000th Blackwatch soldier and punching the 1,000th helicopter into oblivion, it got old quick.

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BattleAxe2227d ago

Alright! The Bit Bag is in the hisouse yo! Now we need to get HHG back up and running on here.

LOGICWINS2227d ago

"Now we need to get HHG back up and running on here."

Why? You clearly know of him, so why not just support him on his site/Youtube channel?

Moby-Royale2227d ago

Logic wins...

(in regards to your reply to his number one fan ;)