Joystiq- Starhawk Review: Drop in, blast off

Joystiq- "If you can look past these issues, the uninspiring gunplay and ho-hum campaign in particular, Starhawk offers up plenty of multiplayer freedom. If you can pull together a cohesive team, building defenses and barreling through enemy territory can be deeply rewarding. Meanwhile, jumping into a Hawk and blasting off is exhilarating every time. I just hope you're a better pilot than I am."

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VonBraunschweigg2075d ago

"There are a number of other omissions and strange design choices in Starhawk. Save for a simple quick match option, there is no matchmaking. You can browse and filter server lists to your heart's content, but console players used to simpler systems may find it irksome".

Really Joystick? The game has quick matchmaking ánd a serverlist to filter games on maps, modes etcetera...but because the majority of MP games this generation only offers simple dumb matchmaking the addition of a serverlist is now...irksome? A strange designchoise? What's next? All future mappacks will be free, a strange decision that will diminish the intricate value players may feel for their purchased game, after all you get what you pay for...

GTFO. Anyway, first another coffee, skip breakfast & back to the battlefield. This game is so addictive.

Hicken2075d ago

Not quite sure what that complaint was about, either. Maybe it's not simple enough for the dumb people?

360GamerFG2074d ago

Calling people dumb cos they don't grade your lord's exclusive game high enough? Stay classy.

PirateThom2074d ago


Or maybe they are dumb because they can't figure out how a server list works? I dunno, it's a pretty simple concept, you choose what server to play on and you go into that server...

Outside_ofthe_Box2074d ago (Edited 2074d ago )

lol @ financial gamer trolling.

When did he call the reviewer dumb for not scoring the game high?

He was replying to someone who had a complaint on a specific part of the review. Neither Hiken OR Von was even talking about the score... LOL!