Starhawk Review – Reaching into a Whole New Shooter Frontier (Urgent Fury)

Shane Bell reviews Starhawk:

"The Build & Battle is a fresh and new experience in the overly flooded market of Shooters. This gives an ever evolving style of play that makes every match unique."

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Totoro172175d ago

Great article! I can't begin to say how much I love this game. It's good ol' fashion multiplayer fun just like Warhawk but kicked up a notch.

I really hope people give this game a chance.

urgentfury2175d ago

Once the tournaments start such as ours and MLG's it will really get going

neutralgamer192175d ago

Wheres financial gamer gay ass. Lol trolls love to hate, but this game is awesome

360GamerFG2175d ago

Ha ha ha ha! Who the heck is urgent fury?? I mean come on!
Oh and here I am with my gay ass

neutralgamer192175d ago

Lol thnks for making your troll presence knwn mam lol. Theres a few 90 plus ratings besides ign by the way. Go play witcher2 or minecraft " oh i can play tht too on my Sony vaio" lol Better yet go play Star Wars Kinect thts a true exclusive jajaja go rate tht and see if ign was paid for tht review. Your colors have been shown your noteven a stealth troll no more,More like Chronos in Gow another old exclusive thts better thn your fav.present day console games lol

2175d ago
shammgod2175d ago

Lol, you called it, you knew that troll was lurking!

vividi2175d ago

great fun, I am loving this game, best multiplayer in years yep

mroca2175d ago

Star Hawk is fantastic!

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