[Non-Fiction Gaming Review] Defense of the Ancients 2 Beta

Non-Fiction Gaming writer MrPort gets his hands on the DotA 2 Beta and gives it a test run.

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JsonHenry2262d ago

So you give a BETA (repeat, BETA) a lower score because of technical issues?! lol FAIL ARTICLE!

And he has no understanding that on top of "abandoning" a game he was probably reported by his team mates for feeding or poor sportsmanship. You have 5 minutes to reconnect before it counts against you. Also your team mates can pause the game to make sure the 5 minutes lasts longer than 5 minutes.

I really suspect the author of this article is not that familiar with the beta or just doesn't understand the game period.

reznik_zerosum2262d ago

wow fail article lmao,im in beta since January and for me dota 2 is one of the best multiplayer games and hundred times better than any other moba type game out there

JsonHenry2262d ago

1/3 of the article was him complaining about stuff like the art style because "I find myself curious as to sight and attack ranges from the lane to the jungle or vice versa"... so basically you SUCK but you are gonna blame the game?

Yeah.. this is the BEST moba game ever made and it isn't even out yet. The fact he didn't understand why he was added to the low priority queue for 24 hours in itself explains a lot to me about why he gave it a 7/10.