Destructoid Preview- Kinect rules with Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor

Destructoid- "It's somewhat difficult to deny at this point that the whole motion controls movement has been a bit of a bust. Developers never quite figured out how to properly implement them into already established genres. The traditional controller has played such a large part throughout the growth of the medium, after all.

The Kinect took that a bit further, completely tossing out tangible controls and replacing them with flailing your appendages about like a mental patient. Thankfully, companies like From Software have recognized the obvious solution: incorporate bodily gestures as an extension of familiar controls. The result was Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, which has forced me to seriously consider picking up a Kinect...or at least borrowing one from a friend."

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360GamerFG2139d ago

I feel like this is the game I've been waiting for to convince me that Kinect can do proper games.
I wish it had come out earlier however because the rest of the kinect library has pretty much dashed all my hopes for the device.
This is going to be a very hard sell now, they should have launched kinect with hybrid games like this if they ever wanted the core base to buy into it.
I find it disturbing that the first proper hybrid controller/kinect game isn't even coming from a 1st party studio. Microsoft have lost touch with their fans and don't know what we want.
This is exactly how I had hoped a Fable Kinect game would control, controller based with gestures for casting spells and opening door ect. but instead we get Fable The Journey

aviator1892139d ago

Hmm, the videos definitely seemed promising but I felt that I would be let down. The writer's opinions are heartening.

2139d ago