Brock, Misty and others may return in 'Pokemon Black and White 2'

XMNR: Information from this month's issue of Corocoro leaked on Friday that indicates Pokemon Black and White 2 may see the return of old characters from the series such as Brock and Misty as well as possible new forms for Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus.

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Abash2202d ago

Since they look like they havent aged, they are probably "data forms" or holograms that simulate them :(

DarkBlood2202d ago

truth be told they are probably immortals :P lol

Queasy2202d ago

Yeah, they never aged in the multiple seasons they appeared on the show. LOL

Abash2202d ago

Not only that, the art work and sprites are EXACTLY the same as Gen IV

Stephen55432202d ago

It doesn't seem to be story related. Seems like it's an additional battle thing in the game. Champions from across the pokemon world are getting together to fight each other. Probably an additional thing like the battle tower or subway.....but then again this is second hand translation info that I'm basing this off of. (cousin who knows a very little bit of japanese)

Y_51502202d ago

Wow that actually makes me more interested in this sequel.

Dovahkiin2202d ago

Definitely, lets hope they revert to the original 151 pokemon too.

TheModernKamikaze2202d ago

I really like the sound of that except the recycled legendary pokemons and their new forms.

CaptainSheep2202d ago

Just bring them back in the anime.. -__-