IGN - PlayStation’s Future: Good News and Bad News

IGN - Yesterday, Sony released its earnings report for the 2011 fiscal year. Among the slides, numbers and endless walls of text Sony unleashed on the world can be found a hodgepodge of good and bad news for the electronics giant, including plenty of new details surrounding its coveted PlayStation brand.

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MadMen2206d ago (Edited 2206d ago )

SONY is in bad shape - restructuring should help

PS3 is in decent shape - being close to Xbox is a joke at this point with this gen coming to a close soon it doesn't matter and isn't even a bragging point

Vita is in shaky shape - I personally think it was a mistake to release it

Crazyglues2206d ago (Edited 2206d ago )

Well I am seriously worried about Sony and how the way the company is going could affect PS4...

Right now it's all about leverage and if Sony keeps bleeding it could force Sony's hand on PS4 and cause them to either delay it, or pull back on making it a beast, which would be a shame.

So right now I just hope they don't keep going into the red, or that could end up hurting PS4's launch


MadMen2206d ago

Completely agree,

I think eithier they will say we really need to knock it out with PS4 and put the competition firmly in number 2 or 3 spots OR they will play it safe and build decent hardware and rely on micro transactions etc as well.

See SONY has an opportunity - they can really become the only true hardcore system, Nintendo being the family version and Xbox being the entertainment version

However last time this was the case they became cocky and didnt take thier competition seriously and it cost them not only market share but reputation.

Time will tell if this restructuring works, if it doesnt some other big dogs could join the fray and make a dent while SONY is down

Crazyglues2206d ago (Edited 2206d ago )

@ MadMen

I like how you said that, that's exactly what I meant, I think you just said it better -they have to knock it out the park...

I just hope Sony knows just how serious this is about to be, they come up short and Xbox 720 is going to bury them.

Very well said my friend.. a bubble for you, wish I could give you three...
-well said player


Dee_912205d ago

ps3 sales well sony loses money all companies lose money ps3 keep releasing the games its all good news to me.

MaxXAttaxX2206d ago (Edited 2206d ago )

This was only about PlayStation not Sony.

And it's not about tying, it's about the fact that it sold FASTER than 360 to be able to tie.
Either way, no one's really bragging about that.

Like someone before said:

*The Bad News: They're losing money.
*The Good News: They're still making fantastic games.

And as a gamer, I am far from displeased.

Outside_ofthe_Box2206d ago (Edited 2206d ago )

***"PS3 is in decent shape - being close to Xbox is a joke at this point with this gen coming to a close soon it doesn't matter and isn't even a bragging point"***

I would like for you to elaborate on how it is a "joke" for the PS3 to be close to the 360 at this point this gen.

If it were the other way around I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be saying it's a "joke" for the 360 being close to the PS3.

When you sell 60+ million units it's not a joke. People are so focused on who outsells who. Some people are are quick to say the PS3 "failed" or "lost" this gen because it's in last place which is absolutely silly because it sold 60+ million units and gap between the system ahead of it is only a few million units.

If the PS3 were to suddenly pass the 360 in total units sold does that automatically mean the 360 "lost?" No, not in my book.

***"Vita is in shaky shape - I personally think it was a mistake to release it"***

LOL The Vita hasn't been out a full year yet. Must have games haven't hit the Vita yet. Yet you are already saying it's a mistake to release it?

This is like the PS3 all over again. People are complaining about price, games, and the underwhelming sales of the Vita like people did the PS3 early in it's life cycle. BUT look at the PS3 now... I wouldn't say it was a mistake to release it... The Vita will eventually pick up in sales.

Edward752205d ago

It's considered a loss because Sony lost so much market share.... And THEY AREN'T MAKING MONEY AS A COMPANY. If they maintain even 50% of the market share lead they had last gen, it would change the whole dynamic of the game.

Shazz2206d ago

i really dont see the vita getting a pricecut at e3 , a memory card bundle but i think thats it

Omar912206d ago

same. although I do hope theres a price cut I would love to buy one, but once the price is dropped

360GamerFG2206d ago (Edited 2206d ago )

Somebody explain to me why SONY and MS insist on not sectioning off PS and Xbox business away from their other failing products?
I mean the playstation division lost 2.8 BILLION dollars due to being in the same group with their ridiculously failing TV's and cameras.
"Nintendo 3DS also suffered from sluggish sales early on, as is well- known, but NOT NEARLY as BAD as Vita’s stumbling sales. All of this adds up to one thing: you can count on PlayStation Vita getting a price cut at E3."
Just thought I'd highlight that fact for those who keep insisting on comparing the 3DS's slow start to the VITA's early mega fail.

Mikhail2206d ago

It is similar situation with the 3DS because we know that the PSV will always play second fiddle to its nintendo counterpart similar. So expected sales would be lower.

As to why MS and Sony are not separating their Xbox and PS businesses, its horizontal integration about their products. You can see how MS is integrating Xbox live in WIndows 8 (mobile and desktop) and how IE will be on the 360. For Sony, its PSN and their SEN services ( Video, music Unlimited and their Photo Memories thing). This will talk with their services (SOny Music and Pictures) and their devices (Bravia, NXT). Their TV's are failing but their cameras are in a good position going forward.

Anon19742206d ago

They're too small when compared to the rest of the company's operation it's impractical from a company standpoint to not group them into larger divisions. When reporting overall company numbers, no investors or analysts want to sit down and listen to a presentation consisting of 100 different divisions for each product line you offer.

Sony did have it's gaming division separate once upon a time but it's been years since they restructured - and generally (and this is speaking from experience in the brokerage industry) investors and analysts don't care about the gaming business as part of the whole. They're usually reduced to footnotes during investor conference calls.

Nintendo is different as gaming is pretty much all they do, but even though gaming is big business, as a whole when you're looking at how Microsoft of Sony is doing, no one outside of the gaming industry cares how their game products are selling. They want to know about Windows sales and in Sony's case, TV sales. You read reports about Sony's financial figures from any of the financial news media and the Playstation rarely even gets a mention.

You won't see the gaming divisions on their own because, when it comes to the greater financial well being of each company, no one outside the gaming industry cares.

Edward752205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )


Because the money used to start up the gaming division and the money used for R&D comes from the entire company. The billions of dollars used to research the ps3, Vita and PS4 (or whatever it will be called) didn't come all from the gaming division.

If that was the case(just money from gaming went to gaming) there would be no way the gaming division would make much money at all. Remember Sony doesn't expect to make money from the vita FOR YEARS.

This cost is absorbed throughout the entire company.
Much like the tv doom and gloom tries to get absorbed.

Big companies when things go wrong in an area or 2, HOPE that other areas pick up the slack.
The gaming division CAN NOT hold the company above water, no matter how profitable it may be now.
I wish and hope it gets turned around. We will see in 2 years or so.

1Victor2206d ago

So fanboys can put to rest the"PS3 owners don't buy exclusives" argument with a average of about 2.5 per last year according to the article numbers on PS3 software sale. Anyways let see what Katz can do within this fiscal year before we're forecasting hopping for Sony doom.

BrutallyBlunt2206d ago

Mind showing us the break-down for exclusives because all i see is a total number of software sales?

meowthemouse2205d ago

You dare question a PS3 fan about his assumption?! HOW DARE YOU!?

Here! Have a dislike!

TekoIie2206d ago Show
mobhit2205d ago

Why don't you look for them yourself? Or are you jealous that the PS3 has exclusives coming in?

BrutallyBlunt2202d ago

You're right, as a PS3 owner myself I'm very jealous. So jealous that I need to make up stuff so that my purchase is justified.

The point is 1Victor is talking about something not even in the article so wouldn't the onus be on him/her?

DEATHxTHExKIDx2206d ago

PS3 is okay I actually just bought 1 a couple weeks ago got the uncharted 1 and 2 solid system. However I even if the Psvita gets a price cut I problly won't buy it just because I don't see the reason for me to get one.

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