IGN's Tina Palacios Heads to Infinity Ward writes, "While we're always sad to see someone leave IGN and not be able to work with that person day in and day out anymore, this is definitely one of those situations where we can't help but be proud and happy to see a staff member move on to something new and great. Today, we congratulate Tina Palacios on her transition to Infinity Ward as the new Senior Community Manager of Call of Duty."

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Raiz1988d ago

congrats sweetheart... :)

LOGICWINS1988d ago

Thats a hell of a step up! Hope she fairs well at IW.

MidnytRain1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

Oh, God. Isn't that the position Robert Bowling left? From what I gathered that job is hell.

WeskerChildReborned1988d ago

In my opinion, i think IW should just end cause i don't see them making a better COD than COD4 anytime soon and i was really disapointed with MW3(it is basically a copy of MW2 but worse).

Godmars2901988d ago

This is what I feel is wrong with the game review community: they're practically interwoven into the game industry. Makes it impossible to give honest opinions about titles.

user54670071988d ago

So I'm guessing...

IGN: Black Ops 2 = 9/10 - 10/10

WeskerChildReborned1988d ago

True, i believe Activision pay's some reviewers to give their games good reviews.

Godmars2901987d ago

No. I mean that many reviewers are looking to become game makers themselves aren't going to be looking to upset possible future employers by saying their games suck. That you then get sites like IGN or Gametrailers, who are basically owned by game companies, doesn't help things.

wicko1987d ago

It's more about ad money than anything else.

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