Passing the Torch: It’s Time for Aonuma to Move On, and Koizumi to Take the Zelda Mantle

ZI writes: Eiji Aonuma has been the director of the Zelda series for over a decade now, and has guided the franchise through its entire modern life cycle. He started on the always-loved The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, and has remained as the definitive individual for Zelda ever since. But is it time for that to change? Is it time for Aonuma to relinquish the throne he received from Miyamoto and pass the legacy on? Aonuma has hinted he’s getting tired of working on nothing but the series in the past, and recent remarks about Retro Studios handling Zelda (along with leaving Skyward Sword more in the hands of people under him) seem to indicate this thought is certainly at least present in his mind. On top of this, some of Aonuma’s views on the direction of the series are increasingly coming into conflict with the direction most people would like the series to evolve into.

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