Fan-Made Persona 5 Soundtrack Smells Like Viral Marketing

People who are waiting anxiously for Persona 5 related news may have heard before about a group called ATLUSxP5, a music group that is putting together a fan-made album and other art related assets of what they think Persona 5 should look and sound like. However as of one week ago, a trailer for the soundtrack has been released.

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Snookies122138d ago

I just want a trailer for P5, that's all...

forevercloud30002137d ago

The Soundtrack sounds pretty believable. I am realling digging Track 20 "Distorted Mall". Sounds like a really cool battle theme.

O please let Atlus and Sony announce P5 to release similtaneously Early nxt year(April?) for PS3!!!!!! Would lose my shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kyalie2131d ago

It isn't. You know why? Because Proxy One (from the anime Ergo Proxy) was here, at 0:19 in the trailer:
So if Atlus does not want to get huge copyright problems it has to be fan made.