How BioWare Can Stop SWTOR's Bleeding

But all is not lost. Star Wars: The Old Republic is still a very young game with a passionate fan base, and there’s plenty of room for improvement. If BioWare can solve a few player problems and bring a touch of innovation to SWTOR, they may be able to stop the subscriber hemorrhaging and perhaps even bring a few new players onboard.

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NYC_Gamer2263d ago

EA rushed Bioware into the MMo market with the thought of the Star Wars brand would sell the product instead of solid gameplay

Xasthirion2262d ago

Focused way too much time and resources on voice acting and not enough on actual content. Saw this coming years before the game even came out. Voice acting will NOT keep people playing an MMO for years, and targeting fans of single player RPGs with a subscription based MMO is the dumbest business decision you can make.