Top 10 Most Overrated Video Game Characters

Sick of hearing about a certain character over and over again? Tired of people yelling in your ear how awesome this or that character is? If so then I feel your pain. I've comprised a list of characters in desperate need of being shelved for a bit so we can have a little breathing room from the many ranks of the overrated.

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smashcrashbash2113d ago

Okay, I'll go through it again. Kratos is not a 'jerk' as people simply put it. Kratos was a Spartan barbarian, who was tortured, manipulated, killed and tormented. To make it worse he, like many people in legend, was a child of a God. They are usually abandoned and badly treated by their parents so anger was not uncommon. Kratos lived in ancient times.So I am not sure why people try to use modern logic to explain Kratos.He was what he was and acted like it. In fact to tell the truth he was quite tame compared to many barbarians and demi-gods. Many of them maimed and killed for no reason at all.

DarkSymbiote2113d ago

Kratos killed a lot of civilians in his adventures. Not to mention that stunt he pulled on Athens. A hero isn't supposed to be this douchey.

CoD5112113d ago

If he's any type of hero instead of just the protagonist, it'd be more of an anti-hero.

MariaHelFutura2113d ago

He's not a hero. Not everything in life is roses. Even the darkness has conflict.

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TheHater2113d ago

Can I make a top ten list of the most overrate website?

Wintersun6162113d ago

The author gives little to no reasons on why he thinks Kratos is a jerk. Let's start from the beginning. Kratos was a spartan war general, on the verge of destruction and death in front of the barbarian army. He called out to Ares to save him and offered his soul in exchange.

Not long after, he was raiding a town and raided a temple, where he killed everyone in sight. Keep in mind, Ares was now in command. After the smoke cleared, he realized he had killed his wife and son, who were not supposed to be there at all. Behind him was a figure of Ares.

Now, a quote from God of War game script:

"Slaughtered like animals, the victims lay before him, a reminder of his own past, a past he could never escape...

[Flashbacks of Kratos' past, of when he served the God of War rush back to him]

His only sauness was the sea. Endlessly sailing from one harbor to the next, in service to the Gods of Olympus, all his hopes rested with them.

For no matter how much wine he consumed or how many women he took to his bed, nothing on earth could rid him of the horrors that plagued his mind."

If the gods had tricked you to slay your own family, and you had endless nightmares of that moment over and over again. Wouldn't you be drinking and taking women to bed, hoping to some day forget it?

In God of War the gods assign Kratos to kill Ares, because Ares is a threat and the gods are forbidden from waging war among themselves. Kratos asks if after this task the nightmares will end.

Athena: "Complete this final task, and the past that consumes you will be forgiven."

This answer is vague, she does not promise Kratos that his nightmares will end, but she lets Kratos believe so.

Now let's skip to the final battle between Kratos and Ares.

[Ares recalls the night where Kratos killed his family]

Ares: "That night, I was trying to make you a great warrior..."

This is a straight confession, it was Ares who was truly to blame for Kratos' familys death and the nightmares that haunt him.

Not long after Kratos has slayed Ares:

Kratos: "Athena, rid me of the memories that haunt me still."

Athena: "You have done well Kratos, though we mourn the death of our brother, the gods are in debt to you. We promised your sins would be forgiven, and so they are, but we never promised to take away your nightmares. No man, no god could ever forget the terrible deeds you have done."

After years of torment and betrayals from the gods who were just using him to do what they couldn't do. And he's still not allowed to be pissed off?

These are the foundations of Kratos' anger and in God of War 2, as the new God of War he is laying siege on city after city. Why? Because the gods have betrayed him again and again, why would he obey them anymore?

Every single time I hear someone say something like "Kratos is just an angry jerk", they always seem to be completely unaware of most of the God of War story. I merely scratched the surface here by mostly talking about the foundations of Kratos' IMO justified hatred towards the gods. Please, know what you're talking about before you start spilling your BS.

smashcrashbash2113d ago

Well said. Kratos's anger was a complex thing. People always judge him by modern standards. The Gods made him into what he was and then tried to kill him and betray him and people keep saying 'he was mad for no reason'.

DarkSymbiote2113d ago

Nothing on that list is overrated except Master Chief and Kratos. Some of them are good but others either virtually unknown or just suck.

h311rais3r2113d ago

I wouldn't call anyone of them overrated. Just well known. Chief isn't known as "omg the best game character ever!" even halo fans know he's flat in the games. (he's got quite a personality in the books) but halo fans just like playing as him because quite frankly he is halo as much as kratos is god of war. Kratos isn't overrated either, just the devs made him invincible :/ his story in regards to fanboyism is the same as the chief. Love em or hate em they're not overrated. Just well known. THAT is overrated garbage.

Overrated in my eyes is something that changes nothing at all, is complete unoriginal in all aspects, holds no real merits and is extremely popular because it appeals to the brain dead masses........I don't hate any game series aside from COD for those reasons. My ps3 360 and pc library are massive. Unfortunately I bought into COD but with mw3 only put in 3 hours before I sold it. Best 40$ I ever made back.

neutralgamer192113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

KRATOS OVERATTED LOL go ply Gow3 then come back to me. Compared to Kratos Masterchief, Mario and company are just gay. Plz save it Kratos is my fav character this gen even moreso then Drake or Helghast.

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