More 'Battlefield 3' DICE run servers after complaints about rented servers

XMNR: DICE announced on Friday that it would add more Battlefield 3 servers run by the company after growing complaints from fans about only being able to find rented servers with custom rules on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

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liquidhalos1991d ago

Thank god for that, i get kicked from servers every single day. You need to identify the Admin and play worse than them if you dont want to get kicked. Oh and never use a vehicle if an admin is in the game as they will probably ban you for that too.

Allowing children to rent servers was a bad idea from the start. Dice should have made the rentals use only Credit/Debit cards. Strip all avenues for these annoying children to lord it out over hard working gamers

dericb111991d ago

Imagine winning a clan battle then out the blue loading screen. This is BF3.

I think they should monitor the kicks. If you kick random people and high performance players, you lose rent server rights for 30 days.

Solid_Snake371991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Exactly man, wtf I get so pissed off when a kiddy admin kicks me because I owned his team.

Pandamobile1990d ago

This is why console gamers shouldn't be allowed to own and administrate game servers.