Should Zombies Be Integral To Black Ops 2?

Everyone's fully aware Black Ops 2 is coming, and zombies along with it. Though only tidbits compose the information we've received on the zombie mode so far, what we do know are pretty big changes when compared to both the Black Ops and World At War Zombies mode. While Black Ops chose to improve, rather than reinvent, the zombie mode of World At War, Black Ops 2 looks like the zombie mode is stripped down and built back up to be bigger, stronger, and much more integral to the overall Black Ops 2 game. But is this a good thing?

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TopDudeMan2168d ago

I reckon they should just go ahead and make a call of duty: Zombies game. It's one of the few things it still has going for it.

Getowned2168d ago

I really want a zombie story mode lol, only thing I hate about zombies is some ppl join only to be D-bags

TopDudeMan2168d ago

I mean, wouldn't it be cool to have a 12 player game of zombies in a huge map with objectives and stuff?

cpayne932168d ago

I wouldn't mind something like that cod zombies game on ios to come to Vita. It would be great with dual analog controls instead of that touchscreen.

SleazyChimp2168d ago

Definitely would like to see Zombies have its own game. Zombies is the only reason I buy a COD and I'm tired of having to buy the whole map pack just to get one Zombie stage. Treyarch would need to add some more features before it could stand on its own as a whole game. I'd buy into their first couple tries though.

WeskerChildReborned2168d ago

To Treyarch, yea because some of the players really like Zombies and it's a fun game mode to play with other friends.