Confessions Of A Call Of Duty 4 Addict

Via The Bitbag:

"Yes, I'm here to admit it. I'm a COD4 freak! I can't get enough of the game. I'm a rank 40 Lt Col. as of today and I finally got my P90. If I can only get that .50 sniper rifle I would be all set. I'm probably not too different from the many 360, PS3 and PC gamers who log on every night to drop themselves in the middle of a war. I can honestly say that I put Halo 3 down for a leave of absence because of COD4. To me, the game redefined the FPS genre in many ways and I continue to marvel at it's excellence almost 2 months after purchasing it."

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CRIMS0N_W0LF3989d ago

now thats lame.

I'm lvl 50 Prestige level 2...

mariusmal3989d ago

using your reasonings... you are lamme... im at my 8th prestige. just play the game and enjoy.

ps - sorry my bad english, not my mother language

TheExecutive3989d ago

addict? Hes not even at Prestige yet...

abuze3989d ago

And he had it for two months already...

Cop_Boy3989d ago

those r the symptoms of an overly being xbotted

eddierivera3989d ago

2 months and he just now got the p90,, omg, Id love to play against this dork,,,

Panthers3989d ago

LOLOL Hes a dork because he doesnt play enough video games. HA. All of you guys that go Prestige are dorks. Why get rid of all of your challenges and weapons over and over for a stupid icon?

TheExecutive3989d ago

because its still challenging to start over... plus it reminds you of when you started and how bad you really sucked...

Spinitus3989d ago

sorry ur not a COD4 addict, not until u are a high rank prestige or completed every challenge.

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The story is too old to be commented.