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G$MERS: "Five dry years we had to wait for the continuation of Warhawk, shoot-TPP network released an exclusive PlayStation 3 Now it's time for Starhawk , the successor to the previous section, which also has been enriched with a campaign mode for one player. But if this game is able to attract crowds of players who are united in a duel in the first part?"

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Hicken2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

How is it not?

No, really. I want you to explain to me how a 7.5 out of 10 is NOT that great of a score.

Edit: You didn't say it "wasn't a great score." You said "Not that great of a score." Your implication is obviously that it's a poor score, furthered by you saying "it might be fine... it could be good."

And the fact that you chose to say "not great" instead of "pretty good" definitely shows what your intentions were: to say the score was unsatisfactory.

Compared to everything below it- 1 to 7 or even .1 to 7.4- a 7.5 IS a great score. And on a scale where a 0 is pathetic and a 100 is perfect or at least superb, a 75 is VERY GOOD.

You can try to spin your intent however you want, but between your obvious negativity and the way you troll Sony-related articles in general, I think people know exactly what you're trying to accomplish.

Getowned2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

seems like a fine score to me .. not the BEST score but its fine O.o idk why ppl think 7s are bad lol

TekoIie2111d ago

7.5 is good. If it was on 7.0 it would be on the verge of mediocre though and the scores not far off which is why you'll find people upset.

Prince_Dim-Lu2111d ago

Ya, exactly. Seems like a FINE score. Not a GREAT score.

Why are some of you so mad? I want you to explain to me how a 7.5 is a GREAT score out of 10. Then I'd like to hear what words you use for an 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5 and then 10. Because I can't wait to see what you use after GREAT.

I stick by what I said, and so do other review sites that score 1-10. A 7.5 is not a great score. It might be fine... it could be good. But it's not great.

dark-hollow2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

why people get worked up over a bunch of numbers?

for me? i never look at the final scores, i look for reviews from reviewers who are credible to some extent and the ones that i find have similar tastes as mine, read the whole review and make my own conclusion of the game without the need to get puzzled why X game isnt X scored.

maybe the reviewer took point because he didnt liked a certain part/gameplay mechanic of the game which i dont have a problem with.
some of my favorite games this gen mainly scored 7-8.

M-M2111d ago

Good review, although I HEAVILY disagree with this part:

"Graphics - 6
Starkawk not wrote. The titles on the PlayStation 3 exclusive accustomed us to the fact that graphically represent a very high level. Starhawk unfortunately can not stand to compete with God of War 3 and Uncharted third This game just looks like the era of the first period of the PS3. "

The graphics look great IMO, having great visuals while having all that kind of action going in is pretty outstanding.

ThanatosDMC2111d ago

Exactly. Fail scoring. Name another game on consoles that look as great as Starhawk with the same amount of crazy stuff happening in huge maps.

VonBraunschweigg2111d ago

Played a 20+ player dogfight in space tonight for the first time.

Crazy stuff=)

ginsunuva2111d ago

Why do reviewers hate on Starhawk for being too complex and team-based in multiplayer?

Is it too hard for them? Poor guys!

360GamerFG2111d ago

They don't, they love the multiplayer. All of them agree that the singleplayer is crap though. Nice try but this is not one of those times you can use the old "its too hard for them" excuse.

mayberry2111d ago

just like killzone 2 got bashed for being too hard! seems like a growing number of gamers today need more and more hand holding! sad!

vickers5002111d ago

Nobody bashed Killzone 2 for being too hard. The only thing people really complained about is the controller lag, which is a very reasonable complaint. Some say it's supposed to be like that to add a feeling of weight to the weapons, but the problem with that argument is that you can still have the heavy weapon feeling without having input lag.

As for Starhawk, I like it, but it's a too much team based. I always go for the objective, though in about 80% of the matches I play, I'm the only f*cking one going for the objective. It's not so great having to rely on a bunch of dimwit a-holes who are playing TDM style in a capture the flag match. I know the remedy to this is to find a clan or a crap load of people on forums, but I'd rather not add 20-32 random people I don't know just to play ONE game properly.

And TDM is a joke in Starhawk. There's nothing technically wrong with it by itself, but the players abuse the build and battle system WAAAYYYY too much in that mode, it just becomes a Tank Sniping Team Deathmatch. Tons of people just spawn tanks and energy shields, so if you want to get a single kill, you have to leave your shield, hopefully get enough damage in on a player and kill them, then immediately get tank sniped from across the map as a penalty for leaving your shield.

That's my experience with TDM in Starhawk so far though, I think there's a way to disable certain structures in custom TDM matches, but I'm not sure, but when you just want to do a quick match and not organize a big group of people, finding a match without that crap is kind of rare (so far anyways).

Even though I have some major complaints with the game, I really do like it. The controls and graphics are smooth as butter (and the art style looks pretty good too), it's a colorful game, and I love the vehicles for the most part.

They need to put some limits on how many tanks can be on the battlefield at one time though, at least on tdm.

mayberry2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

vickers ^^^^...
guerilla games implimented the "lag" on purpose, they changed it because of gamers input in the forums. "Guerilla’s producer, Seb Downie, seemed adamant when he said that no changes would happen with the current control method: “[Guerrilla Games] have come to the conclusion that there are no changes required to the [control] system.”

VonBraunschweigg2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

Best MP game this year gets trashed because it's to diverse or because the added & usefull tutorial lacks a good story, who would have thought of that?

Done for now, had some wonderfull games tonight, and tomorrow it's Saturday:)

Rhezin2111d ago

yeah f!ck whoever says it doesnt have good graphics. It looks very impressive and a huge leap from the beta.

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