Resident Evil Legends - The Umbrella Chronicles Pre-Painted 1/6 Scale Statues

There's always a need for more Resident Evil statues. Fortunately, Play-Asia has us covered with a new series called Virtual Legends Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles Pre-Painted 1/6 Scale Statues. The series features six characters including Tyrant, Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, "G" William Birkin, Albert Wesker and Nemesis.

Each character is limited to a number of 1500, so these are going to be a rare find in the near future. They are not actually being released until February, but pre-ordering is an option on the site. Prices on the statues range from $149.90 to $199.90 plus shipping. Some package deals are available when ordering multiple statues. My birthday is coming up in February, so if anyone plans to send me a gift, I'd love to have one of these.

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