Game Mechanics That Make You Weep

Ever want to throw your controller across the room or yell at insane volumes so the neighbors can hear you? You're not doing it over difficulty. You're doing it over common mechanics found in tons of games that make you want to rip your hair out.

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TekoIie1984d ago

Some of the things mention in the article really aren't that bad. Only thing that really annoys me in shooters with cover systems is where you have to run into a wall to take cover instead of tapping a button to do so... This inevitably doesnt work multiple times.

InTheLab1984d ago

QTEs are fine when done right. Shenmue, GoW, Heavy Rain...all done right. Bayonetta, Kingdoms of Amalur....all suck because the QTEs are mash-a-thons and in the case of Bayonetta, a failed QTE results in a long ass unskipable sequence. So no matter how perfect you were up until you didn't dodge that boulder (that should be able to kill Bayo anyway), you have to do that s*** all over again.