Do JRPGs Need To Be Social To Survive?

Kotaku's Jason Schreier writes, "Some people believe that Japanese role-playing games are meant to be single-player experiences, enjoyed alone in the dim blue light of your living room during marathon binge sessions involving little to no contact with other human beings.

Other people believe that the first group of people are totally boring and that the single-player-only model is as obsolete as VHS tapes or paying for music. And also multi-player games make lots and lots of money.

"So who's right?" you might ask. "The hermits or the money-mongers?"

Good question. I don't know if there's an answer."

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Godmars2901986d ago

If they could actually take a step or two back to their PC dating sim and visual novel roots - even the NES days - and add a few differing paths we'd all be the better for it.

Heck, if most of this gen's JRPGs had been able to copy Persona 3 or 4 there wouldn't have been a problem. But of course, because of the over focus on graphics and HD coding, most couldn't develop gameplay past the other standard PS2 titles of the genera.

sinncross1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

if they want to be social why not adding MP elements to them... like, 2 players playing FF13 with 1 AI combatant.

The reward would be that you have more control over a 2nd player (if your friend is at least decent) and the risk is that your play style can change in a way that does not suit you because your partner might need to switch out the paradigm for something.. so there is risk and reward which is the fundamental building block of games.

Neoprime1986d ago

They need to be social, this is why they don't sell now a days, just allow Offline/Online Co-Op w/ Parties, a Battle mode to fight online with customizations you create, and add a Tactics(plays like Final Fantasy Tactics, Tactic Ogre, or Wild Arms XF)type hex mode, along with a General Mode of some sort for every RPG were you play with classes from the game that are later used in the other modes I described, this way it doesn't destroy or take away from Story Mode. Add Mic support, some crossplatform play so you can build a strong social base, add modes like Party Team/Deathmatch, Capture the Flag/Relic, Auto Combat mode, Survivor mode(where you have to protect an escort for a number of turns), I believe this could really revolutionize RPGs, it's just some Introvert Extremist are going to have to suck it up and evolve already, yay don't have play if don't want to play.

TheColbertinator1986d ago

" I believe this could really revolutionize RPGs"

What is amusing is that all that stuff you mentioned has been applied to FPS and action games but the genres haven't moved forward even with those ideas in the past 6 years.

All it has allowed is for DRM,DLC and pre-order bonuses to become the main focus of promoting games now.

Godmars2901986d ago

They aren't selling now, on HD consoles at least, for the simple reason they aren't being made. There were a few lazy or exceptional efforts - which like FFXIII also turned out to be lazy, imo - but for the most part the JRPG making community, unable to afford to develop much less experiment on either the PS3 or 360, ran to handhelds.

All social components have done is deliver weak storylines. Become crutches for devs. Not saying it can't be done, but there are few who'll put the effort into it to make it worth it.

Hicken1985d ago

That's stupid, Neoprime. Completely and utterly stupid.

What you're suggesting is that the JRPG become... an abomination. I sincerely hope no one listens to this.

The most any JRPG needs in a social capacity is two-player co-op, like old school games(and Graces). That's it, nothing more. I don't want my favorite genre turning into Persona of Duty 47.

sashimi1986d ago

JRPGs do fine it is a niche genre to begin with... just because it doesn't sell to the mass casuals like Call of Duty doesn't mean it'll die.

People have to remember JRPGs don't need to sell in the millions to make a profit though it would be nice.
Then again hell most of them do fine just selling to their own market in Japan and never even seeing daylight elsewhere but that makes me sad since i like the genre

Neoprime1985d ago

Not really, theres games like Dragon Quest/Warrior that sale a 3-4 million pop a game.

sashimi1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

There is always a exception to the rule or should i say the most popular of the genres... since i was speaking of the genre as a whole instead of the less then 5% JRPGS that are mutli million selling JRPGs. i.e Dragon Quest & FF that I am well aware of

Not to mention JRPGs have mostly switched to handhelds with good success and will most likely stay there.

mamotte1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

How I remember good JRPGs: Playing alone for hours and hours, enjoying a good story. So let'em be like they always have been.

catfrog1986d ago

i think there are markets for both... i very much enjoyed ffxi, met a lot of awesome people on there, and i enjoy single player games as well, sometimes all i want is to sit down and play through a good story.

tarbis1985d ago

Pls. JRPGs are no COD.

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