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"Video games are awesome. That's why we're here, isn't it? It's why we're reading all these new articles, press releases and rumor-mill information on games that won't be out for years to come. But I believe there's one form of entertainment that games today owe something to: pinball." - Kevin Schaller

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insertcoin2115d ago

There's a pinball museum near my place that I've been meaning to visit. They've got an Adults Only night every month too. $10 for all the pinball I could ever want in a day.

LostTokens2115d ago

You should totally go, sounds pretty inexpensive and it's always an amazing experience! :-D

stormeagle62114d ago

That sounds really awesome!

T3mpr1x2115d ago

I love pinball! The game on the Vita is perfect for on-the-go sessions, minus all the quarter handling. :)

dbjj120882115d ago

Been playing a lot of this one South Park table a local pizza place. Pinball's still fun.