New 'Halo 4' enemies uncovered in toy listing

XMNR: A leak on Friday from the packaging one of the McFarlane toys for Halo 4 reveals two of the mysterious enemies in the Xbox 360 shooter. If you don't want anything spoiled, we suggest you stop right now before continuing.

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Whore_Mouth2077d ago

I almost didn't read it, but I did any way.
I'm not really a fan of spoilers.

I know that next to no information is known about these new enemies, but by looking at them I am kind of disappointed.

Not what I was expecting at all.

I at least hope that battling them in Halo 4 will be fun.

ArtificiallyYours2077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

Clearly a toy differs from gameplay footage...

EDIT, for a second glance:

Sorry for the aggression. I see people complaining despite Game Informer's downpour in Halo 4 information.

Whore_Mouth2077d ago

No problem, guy.

I didn't read any aggression in that.
Also, it's just the internet.

I was trying to be spoiler free in my response. I had my hopes set on something completely different that I did not want to discuss.

You're right though, "Clearly a toy differs from gameplay footage... "

As for the complaining, I too spend time on Halo Waypoint. I know what you mean. People can be entitled little shits.

2076d ago
snipes1012076d ago


Well, from reading Ghosts of Onyx, I remember there being something reminiscent of the "Watcher" in there...I think. Just looking at it brings that to mind.

The plot thickens...

ArtificiallyYours2076d ago

Something tells me these will be more annoying to fight than an entire army of Flood Stalkers.

Jumper092077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

there is still one or more enemys to be unveiled ;) Look carefully people. Crwaler and watcher are not the only new ones.

Ser2077d ago

I hate how McFarlane is all about Halo now. I guess I'm lucky that I still have NECA.

aviator1892077d ago

I'm not looking, I'm not looking, I'm not looking...*haven't looked yet :p * I really don't want to be spoiled for this upcoming Halo game.

Convas2077d ago

I'm just posting to say that I agree.

Now excuse me while I make a hasty exit from this topic, lest I give in to temptation.

*Flees in the opposite direction*

m232077d ago

For those who have read the books and watched the terminals in Halo Anniversary, I think we are hoping for a certain enemy that has yet to be spoken of in the games. Please let it be them................SPOILER: I am of course speaking about the prometheans. Ever since I read about them, I've wanted to fight them, and who knows, maybe even the Didact will be there going by the hints in the final terminal.

palaeomerus2076d ago (Edited 2076d ago )

Just to be clear to those who haven't read the Halo books, the Prometheans were the soldier caste of the Forerunner civilization who fought and beat the original version of the Human Race after they somehow managed o beat back the Flood.

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The story is too old to be commented.