Rumor: GameStop To Start Selling MacBooks?

Their main business may be games and related accessories but GameStop also sells refurbished iPods, iPads and iPhones.

Pretty soon, they might just start selling MacBooks, too.

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gtxgamer22135d ago

Gamestop is going to be selling everything now. First Ipads/ipods,Tablets, Then Beats by Dre, Now Macbooks?!

Valenka2135d ago

Sounds like a heap of toss to me. Macbooks are overpriced as it is and anyone with half a brain knows it. It wouldn't rake in much of a profit for GameStop. I doubt they'd be thick-headed enough to go down that road.

jthamind2135d ago

a heap of toss?

you just made my day.

Valenka2135d ago

It's rubbish. I could get a better computer running Windows for less than $800. It's all about what side of the coin you're on. Either you're an elitist who has to own one of everything that everyone's ranting and raving about, or you're on the side of logistics and purchase what you're looking for without being sucked into paying $1500 for toilet paper.

electricshadow2135d ago

Tell us how you really feel about Macs.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )

I bet your Windows computer feels like it's going to break from being so cheaply put together, lol. You buy Apple products for the premium and luxurious hardware and stable OS, not for gaming though...

Edit: And if you're complaining about it, it's because you can't afford it...admit it.

Swiggins2135d ago

Having a smoother OS and being more ergonomically designed is what Mac's are useful for, they're also pretty much used by everyone in the editing and photography fields.

PC's do a lot well, but to call Mac's rubbish is nothing short of ignorant.

I'll admit that Mac's are overpriced, but have you seen what stores try and charge for a base PC now a days? It's ludicrous. Mind you, PC's have the ability to be built from scratch on the cheap, but a lot of consumers don't know that...

Mac on the otherhand is all proprietary, only Mac can build Mac's, underhanded, yes, but also a smart business move.

I'm not saying Mac's are better, they're not, but neither are PC's, they're different.

The only thing that can truly be called better is the Linux system, which if you have no prior experience with, is difficult to work with.

Zha1tan2133d ago (Edited 2133d ago )



LOL @ the spastic saying apple products are better "put together" WHAT does that mean? the graphics card is more secure?

The crap apple owners come out with to justify their over expensive purchases..

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Wagz222135d ago

I hope not, im sick of setting up all this ipod shit and tablets. I work at gamestop to sell…games…not idevices. But I wouldn't doubt it, ill just convice customers instead of buying a preowned mac book, they could spend half the money and build a gaming pc to play games, that's why your at gamestop and not the apple store.

Hicken2135d ago

I'm glad I didn't have to set it up. I probably would have just destroyed em all. Our store isn't big enough for all that crap, anyway.

Can we just focus on games, please, GAMEstop? We're already doing poorly enough at that, as it is. We can't afford to start selling all this other junk, too.

pacosanchez882135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )

i had to set up our table section... and then my boss said it was in the wrong place. frackin annoying -_-

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