USA Weekly Chart, Ending 5th May 2012


1: X360 - 59,098 (-8%)
2: PS3 - 43,350 (-15%)
3: 3DS - 39,207 (-7%)
4: Wii - 24,366 (-9%)
5: PSV - 21,186 (-7%)
6: DS - 14,024 (-16%)
7: PSP - 4,489 (-12%)


1: (X360) Sniper Elite V2 - 67,752
2: (PC) TERA - 66,870
3: (PS3) Sniper Elite V2 - 54,492
4: (X360) Prototype 2 - 53,386
5: (PS3) Prototype 2 - 31,376
6: (Wii) Just Dance 3 - 25,312
7: (X360) Mass Effect 3 - 22,708
8: (Wii) Zumba Fitness 2 - 21,427
9: (PS3) MLB 12: The Show - 21,150
10: (X360) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - 19,719

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360GamerFG2173d ago

Not too long before PSV starts selling in the 10k's

Dante1122173d ago

The 3DS numbers are down by quite a bit as well, Financial (Only did 39k).

ronin4life2173d ago

The Difference though is that the 3ds can afford to drop compared to the Vita, seeing as how it is outselling it nearly 2 to 1.

facelike2173d ago

@ ronin

But Nintendo is loosing money on every one sold. They said it wouldn't be profitable until later this year, so in they way, they still lose a bit by winning.

Interesting situation for Nintendo to be in, they need to get the product in people's hands yet they loose money doing so, and they must make a profit which is hard cause your best selling product looses money.

In a way, the drop in sales you speek of will save Nintendo some money. But the last thing you do is turn away customers and with those sales numbers, there are surely a lot of customers for the device.

ronin4life2172d ago

...9 people must be unable to do math if they disagree with the statement that 20,000 is half of 40,000...

mushroomwig2173d ago

Funny how the first comment brings up the Vita yet doesn't bother to point out that the 3DS is down by exactly the same percentage. It's been a bad week for all consoles and handhelds.

TekoIie2173d ago (Edited 2173d ago )

I dont think its much of an issue for Ninty since they're nearly doubling Vita sales. I was honestly suprised that the first comment wasnt console war orientated.

Vita will pick up though E3 will hopefully give others an incentive to buy it since i bet it'll be the main focus of their conference.

BubloZX2173d ago

Sales don't matter if your not making money. 3DS is being sold at a loss. The Vita surprisingly isn't. Surprisingly it only cost $159.10 to produce the 3G vita. And selling at $299 and selling wayy over priced micro cards means they're making some serious money. Selling a 16 gig card for $59 when it probably only coated them a couple bucks to produce is absurd but effective.

ronin4life2172d ago

The Vita IS being sold at a loss.

TekoIie2172d ago (Edited 2172d ago )


All the consoles are sold for a loss (technically). It most likely takes a year or two to begin truly making profits on consoles when you think about how much it costs to develop and manufacture them.

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MasterCornholio2173d ago

I trust that you don't know anything about economics because the business world doesn't admit fanboys. I'm sorry to say this but you would be a terrible business man. The only thing a good business man is a fanboy of is money.



Dante1122173d ago

@ ronin

But the 3DS already sells at a loss since the price drop.


Whereas the Vita actually has been profitable since Day 1

Source: http://playstationlifestyle...

ronin4life2172d ago (Edited 2172d ago )

That info is outdated. Sony has stated that the vita is being sold at a loss.
Just Google "Vita sold at loss."

Outside_ofthe_Box2173d ago

I wonder what you will pick on next when the Vita sales eventually pick up.

cmpunk532172d ago (Edited 2172d ago )


I doubt that... with the release of a new resistance this may and gravity rush in june would be enough for vita to stay in the 20k's or even 30-40k's depends on what E3 might have in store for the vita.

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GribbleGrunger2173d ago

it makes a change to see the American numbers up first

2173d ago
Siren302173d ago (Edited 2173d ago )

Glad to see sniper elite is doing well on both platforms. All console sales are down but that should be expected at this time of the year. I'm sure starting september everything will be back up

whoyouwit042173d ago (Edited 2173d ago )

Vgchartz is a garbage site look at there worldwide numbers before they were closing the gap between xbox360 and ps3 by a 100,000 every week, then they all of sudden call there selves adjusting the numbers to be semi right. but now they are acting like the gap is still closing by 100,00 every week, last week there numbers were 360 66.5 mill and pse 64.1 mill, now they are 360 66.6 and ps3 64.3. seriously, if they are going to keep over tracking sony numbers then they should just shut this site down they are not even trying to be realistic. I mean the gap may be closing but how in the hell is it closing a 100,000 or more every week when the sales normally look like this 360 123,867 and ps3 146,882. the ps3 normally has around about a 20,000 gap so someone please explain to me why they close the gap a hundred thousand every week. has you can see this VGchartz is not relevant in the least.

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