Battlefield 3 Servers Are Not Shutting Down, They Are Being Rented

With the recent allegations that servers dedicated to console version were being shut down it appears that an EA representative has responded to clear up the situation.

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WeskerChildReborned2078d ago

That's nice cause i thought they got rid of the DICE servers because i don't really like playing on rented servers. I hope they make an option so you can only do matchmaking in DICE servers.

Soldierone2078d ago

when they do that I will be back in a heartbeat. I haven't been playing a lot lately because i keep getting stuck on rented servers through quick match, and facing facts a lot of people shouldn't be allowed to host anything with their rage lol

Murad-D122078d ago

Yeah, you get kicked just because you killed the admin ?! or sometimes just because u r good then he/she will switch you to his/her team.

the only good parts about the rented servers for me are that u can sometimes find the maps you want to play only and they are very long (conquest).

WeskerChildReborned2078d ago

Yea, I'd much rather play on a server that isn't rented by people who advertise their platoon or sometime's kick people for no reason.

ShadowJetX2077d ago

Where have you been playing? I've never run into people like that, and I'm usually in the top 5.

DeadIIIRed2077d ago

Happened to my brother and I yesterday. We spent nearly an entire game in an attack chopper tearing it up and got the boot. I asked the admin why and he said we were hogging it lol

liquidhalos2077d ago

It would be cool if they would police rented servers or give players an option to report crappy admin. DICE are being represented by these kiddies who kick/ban players for no reason. Its stopped me playing bf3 and i probably wont be playing it until DICE run servers are back on the block.

It cant be good for business, all they will end up with is a load of empty boosting servers being lorded over by children with bad attitudes

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krisq2078d ago

Just search for DICE in server browser and voila, you'll get the list.

Janitor2078d ago


Dlacy13g2078d ago

Sorry but I doubt very much that EA / Dice will add any "more" servers at this point...they simply will work with the amount they have and as the rent servers fill up and take away from the Dice servers will just be tough to find a dice server. EA/Dice should never ...never have taken away from the amount of set Dice servers. They only should be adding servers as needed for the rental side...not pulling from the core server

tokugawa2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

honestly, the game is fucked! last week before i finally traded this (it breaks my heart to admit that!), all i saw was page after page of 24/7 metro!

the game is now either pay to play what you want, play metro or run the risk of getting booted if you kick arse too much.

thanks for that ea..

^^^^ dlacy13g. agreed, but now they are making profit on their servers. thet wont bother with supplying servers that they foot the bill for anymore. this is a sign of the times, and i have a feeling will become more and more the norm after eas experiment proves a success

Soldierone2077d ago

Exact reason why I quit.

I complained about it to my friends and on battlelog and they just get all annoyed about it. Metro is fun once in a while, but they will literally sit on it for hours on end and its boring as hell to me.

That and its massive stat padding, which made me wanting to level up disappear. Its SUPER easy to get kills in metro, and the badges are even more easy. I was getting a crap ton of kill badges from playing a few rounds of it. Yet to all the people doing it they don't see it as a problem.

I tried getting on again recently and it was either games with really lopsided teams, you get kicked for "hacking" aka being good, or its metro. A lot of the DICE servers are either full or not full enough.

vickers5002076d ago (Edited 2076d ago )

Am I just extremely lucky or something? Because not once have I encountered a single problem either of you two are complaining about.

I barely ever get metro, I've never gotten kicked (had a few times where I've gotten disconnected from ea servers, but only like twice), and I've been playing this game quite heavily for the past week.

I just got this game close to a week ago, but I'm loving the crap out of it, and I can't say I've ran into any actual problems other than those 2 disconnects (which happened because of my own internet).

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