Rated 12: Games Retail, CitizenCard and the Legally-Enforceable PEGI Ratings in the UK

Yesterday, the UK Government made the decision for the pan-European PEGI ratings system to become law. The process, which will now grant further powers to to the PEGI ratings (Pan European Game Information), will make them the sole classification for video games, phasing out the British Board of Film Classification logos (BBFC), which traditionally have been used for titles containing extremely violent or sexual content. Moreover, the PEGI age-12 rating is now legally enforceable and retail workers that fail to adhere to it could face fines and even prison.

Martin Watts from BNBGAMING caught up with Andrew Chevis, CEO at CitizenCard, the UK government-approved, PASS-accredited ID scheme to find out his views on the new system, how younger customers might be affected and what this means for video game retailers.

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fossilfern2113d ago

Good this is a step in the right direct but to be honest it still wont stop stupid kids as their parents will end up buying the game for them.

justpassinggas2113d ago

I'd say the "stupid" title would then belong to the parents. If parents don't want their kids to become hooligans and chavs, they should do more parenting, which includes being knowledgeable about what they buy for their kids.

Dan502113d ago

If games can still be banned whats the use of having a rating system?