A Comment On Commentaries - The Lack of Bonus Audio Tracks in Video Games ( - When I acquired my PS2 in October of 2000, I became excited at the prospect of saying goodbye to VHS and hello to the new medium of DVD. The first one I ever purchased was Three Kings, David O. Russell’s comedy drama about disillusioned soldiers at the end of the first Iraq war. It was at this point that I discovered the wondrous thing known as the directors commentary, that feature-long insight into the making of the celluloid treats we all consume. Over the years, commentary tracks have become my single favourite aspect of DVDs – it’s like inviting the directors over to dinner, then having them explain all the ins-and-outs of film making.

The thing is, I’ve always been more of a gamer than a film-nut. Video game creators have so many more facets to consider when striving for greatness – control setup, puzzles, levelling systems, secrets, as well as all the film-making traditions such as casting, story, cinematography etc… There are so many interesting element...

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pr0digyZA2169d ago

I enjoy commentaries and would really love it if more games included it. I usually play a game twice if it is included. I love hearing secrets behind games and just the development process or funny things that happened while building a game. Valve does this part of it the best.