Bethesda hints at an 'epic new game', Dishonored PC will use Steamworks

DSOGaming writes: "Great news for all Bethesda - and Dishonored - fans as the company has just revealed that the PC version of Dishonored will use Valve's DRM, Steamworks. Not only that, but Bethesda has also unveiled that they are working on an epic new game and that The Elder Scrolls Online has not affected their support on both their older games and their upcoming, epic un-announced game."

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MattyG2115d ago

Fallout 4?? I hope so! Only E3 will tell (probably).

user54670072115d ago

Please be Falout 4...I really want to see what it would look like on the Creation Engine

I hope it's set in London this time, I really want to see what they could do with London...can I fight through a pack of Super mutants and Ghouls to get to a unique weapon at the top of Big Ben....just a thought

vil3112115d ago

Agreed...fallout 4 would be awesome! I'm starting to imagine all those cool fallout armors and weapons made in the creation engine.

user54670072115d ago

I know right...they would look great

I hope they better customization though because Fallout 3's sucked and Skyrims seemed to be a step back from Oblivion....I can't change the age of my character and my woodelf can't have blue eyes now....REALLY Bethesda.

dark-hollow2115d ago

yes yes SUPER YESSS!!!

i love the fallout series way much more than the elder scrolls (even both are unbelievably epic)

PC_Enthusiast 2115d ago

Fallout 4 should be on ps4 and nextbox and pc not ps3 360 and wii u thanks come on Bethesda make it happen!!!

admiralthrawn872115d ago

I can't wait for them to claim they improved their engine and will eradicate all bugs and for fanboys to believe them only to find out 2 days after release date that they were lying again.

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