[Play Vault Asks] Are EA crippling the video game industry?

Play Vault's Phil:

"EA were a company that was meant to change how people thought about computers. Their very name promotes this idea that everything they do will be pushing forward the idea that games are great and can be made beautiful just like any other art form. Their mission statement back when they started ‘We are an association of electronic artists who share a common goal. We want to fulfil the potential of personal computing.’ With this, they said, they would bring the thoughts and feeling of gamers right to the surface to build beautiful artistic games that would ultimately redefine what people thought about personal computing."

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Bleucrunch2205d ago

Yeeea this is not EA's modus oprendi anymore, they use to be one of the best in the industry, a company that was releasing games that people just couldn't wait to get their hands on. Now they are just like any other company and in my opinion just trying to make a buck by any means even if that means alienating a loyal fan base and saying things like "industry standard" or "others do it as well so why can't we?" That type of thinking is the reason why gamers dislike EA so much and is also the reason EA is so misguided into how to deal with its customers. Rather than try to be different than every other company they fall in line and follow suit...This is why they will never be at that number one spot again...but THEN again an IDIOT gamer is born everyday and they will easily get tricked and fall for their tactics and pay for things that are just unprecedented and allow for more crap...EA will lose more and more ground and you will see their business practices get worse and worse...TRUST!

Bleucrunch2202d ago

Thanks bro, That one came from the heart as someone who loved EA and everything they use to stand for. I still remember madden nfl '92 and the days of, road rash, medal of honor (when it was good), madden (when it was good) and need for speed (again when it was good.

TheColbertinator2205d ago





Square Enix

Koei Tecmo



Dlacy13g2205d ago

and Sony, Nintendo, they all want our money... full stop.

gtxgamer22205d ago

After EA won the debate over who the worst company was, ive been seeing EA do alot of selfish things. Like Take away DICE Servers from BF3 and have it where only people have to pay for servers to play. Big mistake.

TheModernKamikaze2205d ago

This couple of days I can agree.

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