Five PlayStation Vita Games You Must Own (

Have a PlayStation Vita? You shouldn't be without these games.

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Bleucrunch1927d ago

I want RPG's for the Vita. I want some tales of titles on their, some RPG's from Atlus, some RPG's from Sony and even squeenix, Level 5. I want those types of games for the Vita and I am not hearing enough about RPG's for that handheld console. Knowing the kind of power it has why haven't we hard more about RPG's titles...Maybe we will get that kind of information at E3.

majiebeast1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

New YS title is in the making for the vita
Gravity rush is coming out in june
Persona 4:golden will be out before 2013
Tales of game also in development for vita

Dont expect jrpgs at E3 though i think you will have to wait for tgs for that.

Elimin81927d ago

I have the first 3 mentioned along with Escape plan, Motorstorm RC, SSDD and Rayman.. I'm anxiously awaiting Gravity Rush, Resistance BS and whatever E3 surprises await.

Bleucrunch1924d ago

Well those you have offered are ok but I am greedy I must admit this....I want MORE!!!! I even their I say want some multiplayer RPG action.

Viper71927d ago

Those games are widely labelled as J-RPG's so you might as well say that you are looking for more of those.

Many of the Downloadable J-RPGs on PSP are Vita compatible so you might check those out if you haven't already. As Japan seems to be really backwards in the graphics department these days I doubt you'll be missing anything else than the bigger resolution.

With the conservative style they are developing their games these days, I would guess that many of Ps3 J-RPG's will get their vita port in the future.

Canary1926d ago

...JRPGs are still RPGs.

The RPG genre is... the single least cohesive genre out there. No need to quibble over the label.

Viper71925d ago

No, it's actually a completely different genre that just has a really bad name.

Ascalon941927d ago

what if.. they are porting FF Versus 13 to the Vita so you can crossplay between the PS3 and Vita? Could that even work?

PersonaCat1926d ago

Lol thats a HUGE what if my friend. Lets just pray it comes out in our lifetime.

DigitalRaptor1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

For what has been proposed and displayed for Versus XIII, it's hugely unlikely that they could translate it over to Vita without losing a lot of the game's design from a processing power and storage capacity perspective. Those are a couple of reasons I'd put against a Vita port and even an Xbox 360 one. The multiple disc issue alone would mess up the world map design and create pacing issues for the game across multiple platforms. At this late stage in the game, no I don't think they could do it without messing it up. My 2¢!

neutralgamer191927d ago

Unit 13 is awesome and marvel versus cap