How Do You Solve A Problem Like The Vita?

The Vita is in trouble. What exactly needs to be done to revive it?'s Cassidee Moser lays out three necessary steps for the console maker to take in order to keep the handheld relevant.

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Brosy2200d ago

With the trouble Sony's in financially they might not be able to afford to do much with the Vita. The price of admission just isn't worth it. Once you buy everthing you need including a game, you have spent out the ass for the damn thing. They need to cut the price and bundle it with a memory card. Like I said though Sony might not be able to afford to do that quiet yet. One area I don't see a problem though is the marketing. I can't turn on the tv without seeing that MLB The Show commercial.

xursz2200d ago

It's not hard to sense the troll in your comment. One look through your comment history will reveal your true color. I guess that would explain how your left with a single bubble.

fei-hung2200d ago

That and shut the media up from regurgitating the same crap over and over and over and over....

Chitown712912200d ago

Sony just need to advertise that one feature that it has that the competition doesn't............and that is Remote Play/Cross Play. This feature needs to be universal to anything Playstation . I would buy it, if they delivered on that feature. You know how cool it would be, to play Metal Gear Solid 4 on my Vita through my Playstation? Or Uncharted? Or inFamous? Or even the PS2 games from the Playstation Store.....Then they wouldn't have to worry about ports, and could focus on unique Vita titles. They truly need to put more thought into delivering that feature. And maybe they could go the smartphone route and have contracts for the 3G ones, and have it priced at $100 and $150 for a year contract. Not sure what the prices would be on the data charges, but I would get one in a snap if they did the things I mentioned....

xursz2200d ago

I get the feeling these articles are popping up just for hits. No click from me.

Anon19742200d ago

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Blu-Ray? How Do You Solve A Problem Like The PS3? How Do You Solve A Problem Like 3D?

On and on it goes....

Mustang300C20122200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

Seriously? Are you saying their isn't a problem with Vita?

That is you and others problems. This has nothing to do with Home or BR. Vita is not doing as expected period. Not in Japan or here for that matter. The system shouldn't need a price drop or talk about COd or Monster Hunter will save the Vita. The Vita is fighting an uphill battle against other devices that present more value ON THE MARKET. The problem is that some of you go off personal opinion and feelings about a product and seem to be in complete denial what said product is doing on the market. Your the same individuals that will complain about a product that IS doing good and claim people are stupid for buying said product(examples Call of Duty, IPhone, Xbox 360)

smashcrashbash2200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

Exactly. The same speech for every thing Sony comes up with. Remember 'the death of Blu Ray' speeches and the 'logic' why it will fail. Remember the 'PS3 will never sell and they should move on to the PS4'? And the PS3 has no games taunting and now we have more exclusives then we can even play? Remember the Move will sell 500K at best and the taunting from Turn 10 about GT5. Even articles about how the PS4 will fail and it hasn't even been revealed.Remember the 'Prototype will beat Infamous because it is a multiplat' and the 'Alan Wake will beat UC2' claims.It never ends. No one will EVER shut their @$$es up and wait to see the final outcome. They would rather talk up a storm then deny they ever said it when they are proven wrong.

@ RedHemi300c. Yeah like there was a problem with Blu Ray and the PS1. That is why they won against HD DVD and Nintendo,because there was a 'problem'. Remember the 'problem' with Home the thing that they thought NO ONE would use, 19 million users later?

Edward752200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

In a way I agree with you.

We see no problem with the product Sony brings out.

Most people don't see a problem with the products Sony brings out

Financially the company is messed up. Bad leadership, horrible decisions, and here is the kicker.... PRODUCTS SO GREAT, BUT NOT MAKING MONEY.

Truth be told... I love my Vita, I love my 360, I love my ps3, I hate my wii
But products and companies that made them can be separated.
Watch this
Truth be told... Sony's company is ran by idiots, MS's ran by money, and for some reason I love Nintendo as a company.

Anyone who thinks that Playstation's and vita's are awesome fine. But you are fooling yourselves if you think Sony as a company is doing well.

@ smashcrashbash. We see the final outcome. Good products, hell, great products... But the money invested isnt making as much money as it should. The ends don't justify the means. To us..yes. To No company can continue this way no matter how awesome it's products are.

Edward752200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

All disagrees... Please someone tell me how Sony as a company is doing well?

They have posted losses as a company for years on end...
They just dropped about 20% of their workers.
Just recently it came out that even the money they thought they SHOULD or WOULD make was substantially lower then they forecasted.

Please give me a reason to think that they are ok as a company, I need an unexpected pick me up.
I am a retired navy man who's a bit older, and I think I have reason to talk about the subject...
About 2 years ago I picked up 50 shares of Sony's stock. Nothing good has been going on, I promise you. Maybe that is why most of my posts aren't against Sony's products, I love and support them, but i am against them as a whole.

Edit. When I bought the common they were going for about 30 dollars(and on an upswing). Now the are around 15 I think. (that was for 2 people who asked how much I got them for)

Edward752200d ago

I am going to use my last bubble to say these 2 things....

That was from today.

And secondly we all know as gamers how sega has been doing (not well also)
But I bought 50 shares of sega (now sega/Sammy ) stock at the exact same time as the Sony stock, And it has done way way better. I actually made money.

The point I am trying to make is this... Fanboy or not, supporter or not, Sony is doing horrible. So when you see why my posts are the way they are (not bashing Sony's products, but bashing them ) you see why. I,more then most, want to see Sony succeed.

@scott (and others who maybe wondering). I keep the stock hoping I can get some of my money back....hell even if it got up to 25 I'd be happy.

So stop fooling yourselves, if you think a company as big as Sony can't go to the wayside, it can. It just takes a bit longer. And it is happening slowly. The ps4 better be able to wake up and make me pancakes in the morning. (be that good) OR help get this company on the right track or else we won't be seeing anything from them after that!

kreate2200d ago


'They just dropped about 20% of their workers.'

Sorry i dont hav the link right now cuz im not on my pc but im pretty sure sony dropped 6% of the workforce. Not 20%

Sorry about ur loss in sony's stock. If it was me during that time, i would of invested in apple or google. Not sony, nintendo, or even microsoft.

Unless the year was 2006-2007, than i would of bought nintendo's stock.

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Diver2200d ago

look at the article history of that ridiculous site. flamebait time after time

here come the sony haters getting desperate right before resistance gravity rush and a ton of E3 announcements like call of duty

gaffyh2200d ago

True, and why exactly is it in the 3DS, Android, Industry, iPad, iPhone categories?

morganfell2200d ago

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Frankfurt2200d ago

The Vita sold LESS THAN 100K in the US in April.

You don't think that's a problem?

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JoeReno2200d ago

How do you slove a problem like slow Web traffic?

JustPlainLazy2200d ago

So reporting on a topic that a lot of gamers like to know about is all in order to gain web traffic? It's interesting to read peoples opinions. If you can't deal with that, then stay immature.

KwietStorm2200d ago

A topic gamers like to know about is subjective. I sure as hell don't need all these apocalyptic Vita articles every week. It does nothing for me as a GAMER.

ronin4life2200d ago

It isn't apocalyptic in the slightest kweit. The Vita has issues that need sorting if it wants to be a success. What the article is trying to do is bring these up and put forth the obvious solutions.
If anything, the article is POSITIVE in its attitude towards the vita.

Bowzabub2200d ago

Well, I just finished Uncharted-GA, platinum biotch. Now I'll start beating on NGS+ and Shinobido 2.. Problem solved. XD

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