Gamer Euphoria: Risen 2: Dark Waters Review

Gamer Euphoria staff member Sean writes:

''There’s a strange charm to Risen 2 that makes it feel a little different from recent role playing games. It’s hard to pin down exactly where this charm stems from but its most certainly there. Is charm enough to carry the sequel to one of the more forgettable games this generation?''

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pr0digyZA2110d ago

One of the main issues with the game is the combat and some graphical glitches, but the latest patch has vastly improved all of that, you can now block animal attacks. You can dodge no matter what your doing. tree growing is a lot better (although you can get mods which stop it happening anyway). Shadow flickering has been fixed etc...

Wish they had managed to give the patch out before reviews came out, as it has definitely hurt peoples perceptions of it.

GamerEuphoria2110d ago

Yeah we did hear about the patch fixing a lot of the issues. This review was written on the 8th of this month which was pre patch. Due to our staff being busy with other reviews etc we cant spare the hours to play through the game again and rewrite the review. Hope people can understand this.