Last Day to Buy a Wifi PS Vita, Get Mortal Kombat and a Memory Card Free

PSLS: Still haven’t picked up a PlayStation Vita? No? Then what are you waiting for? This amazing deal ends tomorrow, so it’s your last chance to take advantage of the savings.

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doctorstrange2141d ago

Been playing the crap out of MK on my Vita. Good stuff

Sev2141d ago

Yeah, really fantastic game. Hard to believe it's possible on a handheld.

360GamerFG2141d ago

Really? Those graphics are hard to believe on a handheld? Have you played the home console version?

dbjj120882141d ago

Such an awesome deal. Almost makes me wish I had waited.

T3mpr1x2141d ago

Decent deal, too bad that memory card is so laughably small though.

xursz2141d ago

Best deal yet for the Vita. I'd definitely take this if I didn't already own one.

GraveLord2141d ago

It's not like Vita owners have anything else to buy. Seriously, take a look at the already announced games(with firm release dates) for 2012. It's very barren.

E3 can't come soon enough.

Hicken2141d ago

Yeah, okay. Even games with firm release dates get delayed/pushed up, so that's not saying much.

By the way, your example of my "hate" for Call of Duty was pathetic. If that's what you think hate is, I genuinely feel sorry for you. Also funny that you blocked me after "proving your point" so poorly.

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