Timed Exclusive Content: What's to Gain?

The news of Skyrim's Dawnguard expansion came with bit of a drawback in the form of 1 month Xbox 360 timed exclusivity. Upon receiving this news and after navigating the 7 stages of grief, I found myself pondering the business behind the decision.

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Valenka2229d ago

Bragging rights, naturally. Other than that, I can't think of any logical reasons to have timed exclusivity. Sounds like a pointless waste of money, if you ask me.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2229d ago

I can't imagine many people base which version of a game they get over timed exclusive content so I agree. Waste of money on Sony and Microsoft's part, and it only hurts the gamers in the end and overall sales of the DLC in question.

matgrowcott2229d ago

From an uninformed, outside view, timed DLC is ridiculous and useless.

If it didn't work on some level though, it wouldn't keep happening, so logic dictates that it must be successful enough to warrant the constant wads of money being chucked around.

rdgneoz32228d ago

Its because money changes hands in order to get that timed DLC. So basically the devs/publishers are getting money up front for DLC before its even developed or released. They can then invest that money however they want.

They might lose some money from the delay on the other systems (waiting extra time when new games come out or such to distract you from getting the DLC), but they still made a decent chunk of change months in advance before it went up for sale.

From a dev/publisher point of view, timed DLC makes them free money. From an MS/Sony/any console manufacturer point of view, it basically is to screw your competition over so people get the game for your system. It might make them a little bit extra, but it's still a waste of money. Gamers of the other systems are the ones that get screwed over, which not many care about.

Hicken2228d ago

From an informed, inside view, timed DLC is ridiculous and useless. Well, ridiculous, at the least.

What it succeeds in doing is giving consumers the impression that you somehow have a superior version of the very same product your competitor carries. If you couple that with heavy advertising of the product paired with your brand, it can extend from being a superior product to an exclusive product in people's eyes.

It benefits companies. Not consumers.

matgrowcott2227d ago

So you agree completely with me then?

If it didn't work on some level, they wouldn't do it. I can't believe I'm getting disagrees for saying that. Would I have gotten agrees if I'd said "actually companies do it for no reason, it costs lots of money and they get nothing in return? It's a big laugh."

Because that's totally what I meant, actually.

hennessey862228d ago

honestly I just can't see it, I may need a magnifying glass

dmeador2228d ago

As more and more titles are put on both of the major platforms, this is where they separate themselves. Yes it adds to bragging rights, but more than that they get to play it a month earlier, which is more of a fact that gamers like. This will lead to people thinking : " Well Microsoft is willing to pay to get their peeps things first. Which Sony isnt, so I'm going with MS." This is of course when people are on the fence. A good long term strategy IMO. And leads people to more brand loyalty in the short run. I've got a 360 so it makes me feel I've made the right choice, and am more prone to buy the next Microsoft console as apposed to the PS4.

Dark_king2228d ago

Sony spends its money on actually games as a gamer I will take more games over getting extra content a month sooner every time.

b_one2228d ago

who gains? last platform gets extra content, always.

TekoIie2228d ago

I have never seen that happen with COD, Homefront, BF3, Fallout 3 and new Vegas so please explain what your logic is based on...

b_one2228d ago

xbox gets timed exclusivity, half a year later ps3 gets a game with extra content and other dlcs cheaper, all of above titles i dont care.

TekoIie2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

Well done on dodging the question and not giving any examples...

"all of above titles i dont care"

Simply because those do not prove your point at all. Yep your logic is flawed...

InTheLab2228d ago

Can't think of a single time where this has been beneficial to PS3. PS3 gamers got screwed with Mass Effect 2 and GTA 4 episodes. In the case of ME2, they got charged $60 for content that's been out for an entire year and still had to pay for that crappy Arrival DLC.

WeskerChildReborned2228d ago

Well they are timed exclusive, not console exclusive which kinda bug's me sometimes.

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