Prototype 2 Review [Game Revolution]

"In the craft of video games, "fun" is usually the goal, that feeling of unadulterated whimsy or fantastical power trip that makes players want to leap into the air and exclaim "WWEEEEEEEE!!!" With the abundance of incredible full retail games, however, "fun" is not enough anymore."

~ Nick Tan, Game Revolution

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alexcosborn1928d ago

About what I expected. Definitely a pass for me.

doctorstrange1928d ago

Fun game, although missing much depth

dbjj120881928d ago

Mmmm, maybe later this summer.

WeskerChildReborned1928d ago

Alot of mixed reviews i've seen. The game is fun but the story is meh.

Oaklnd1928d ago

Ive never been that impressed with Prototype but Ill check 2 out anyway

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