Tecmo Koei Talks Gust, Download Content and Dead or Alive 5

Andria Sang "Surge Concerto ciel nosurge represents Gust's first game as a Tecmo Koei subsidiary. It was briefly mentioned in Tecmo Koei's earnings briefing yesterday, with the company said that it's performing well through repeat orders.

Perhaps more important than actual sales figures, the company said that the game is forming a new user group that differs from Tecmo Koei's traditional fan-base."

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vortis2074d ago

A new subsidiary off-branch from the main Tecmo-Koei brand.

Hicken2074d ago

GUST might be new to Tecmo Koei(having just been bought last year), but they're not new. They've been making Atelier games for 15 years, and are pretty close with Banpresto and NIS... and ATLUS, for that matter.