Rumor: Crytek runs Crysis 3 on Wii U

A recent rumor suggests that an employee from Crytek got their upcoming shooter Crysis 3 up and running on the latest Wii U dev kit.

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Moduserous2079d ago

So many rumors about this console. Let's just drop all the speculation and see what it does when it comes out. My money is on the Wii U collecting even more dust than my Wii does though...

mike1up2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

I love how you begin by saying, "let's end speculation...", and then you speculate yourself.

Very funny, I guess you meant "let's end positive speculation... right?".

LOL_WUT2079d ago

Very well said Moduserous :)

dark-hollow2079d ago

Rumors that wii u is weaker than current gen:
Lolololololo wii u iz teh failz!!1!!

Rumors about the wii u is actually more powerful:
Lololol so what? More powerful than 6 year old consoles? Big surprise!!!!

Nothing satisfy you people.....

MassRunner2079d ago

People hate Nintendo for no reason at all. Simply to have something to hate.

Knushwood Butt2079d ago

Or the flip side:

Rumors that wii u is weaker than current gen:
Gameplay > graphics

Rumors about the wii u is actually more powerful:
Yes! Yes! Yes! Can't wait to see Zelda in HD!!!

Titanz2079d ago

There's one way for you to retort to something like that.

donman12079d ago

I hope to God for your family sake that you are not an active betting man cause you and your family will be or are living on the street. Never bet against Nintendo.

donman12078d ago

Guys... .when are we going to start using common sense. NEWS FLASH... if it is running on PS3/360 then without using a brain cell it is also running on the Wii U... If the must anti Nintendo rumor tell you it is on par with 360/PS3 (I strongly believe it is more powerful) so clearly it can run Crysis 3.

HELLO.... IT IS MORE ADVANCED... GEEZ!!!. The only question if any to really ask is if it can run the game at highest settings and frame rate (max graphics, physics, AI).

Kos-Mos2078d ago

You must have a dusty home. Sure your other consoles is not collecting dust as well, since powered computers/consoles absorbs dust?

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Sidology2079d ago

With the WiiU being more powerful than the Xbox 360 (lol), I don't doubt that it'll run CryENGINE 3.

gaffyh2079d ago

Yeah, it's not that hard to envision.

Dlacy13g2079d ago

Agreed...In fact if WiiU couldn't run CryEngine 3 then I think we could all pretty much assume that console would be DOA. It pretty much should be assumed that WiiU will be able to run Crysis 3.

Jazz41082078d ago

Fix that...since the360 and ps3 are on par with each other then their is a good bet the nintendo wi u will be as powerfull but probably more powerfull then both until sony and microsoft release their next gen.

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RoboSpiff2079d ago

Finally proof that nintendo is still the very best.

gtxgamer22079d ago

I dont really consider it the "very best" yet. Current gen consoles could already play crysis 3, Wii U is a next gen console.

nCoGn33t02079d ago

Actually, you're BOTH wrong. This "rumor" isn't "proof" of ANYTHING....and the Wii U is an extreeeeeeeeemely late-to-the-party CURRENT gen console.

gtxgamer22079d ago

Wii U is next gen, get your facts straight

Metroid0072078d ago

I agree m8 the wiiu will be amazing,this article states the wiiu can do the exact same graphics as ultra setting PC,makes wiiu a major next gen machine all this was done on V4 dev kits wow.

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shackdaddy2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

I think it's fake honestly. If you read the source, it says Crytek couldn't turn off the tablet screen and I think I remember hearing that it only takes like one line of code to turn it off...

ronin4life2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

Unless this is a very old report, with a very old dev kit.
If that were the case, the dev kits have actually gotten more powerful with each iteration.

I also think what you are remembering was a statement about how easy it was to code to get the tablet running content properly, not turning it off.
I forget who said this, though...^_^;

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