Xbox Kinect Fans Most Wanted: E3 2012

"The biggest gaming event of the year is almost upon us, with all of the industry’s heavy hitters preparing to bring out the big guns to impress both fan and investor alike at E3 2012. Every year, gamers tune in to the their televisions, internet streams and Twitter feeds to see what the year’s biggest announcements are. Here at Xbox Kinect Fans, we put our heads together to compile a list of what we want to see from Microsoft and the Xbox brand at this year’s show. So read on, get excited, and start counting down the days until Microsoft’s press briefing on June 4th!"

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DigitalRaptor2207d ago

I would've titled it "Xbox 360 Fans: Kinect Not Wanted" ;)

rick52922206d ago

Then why waste your time posting here, kid? Maybe this link was intended for you after all....

DigitalRaptor2206d ago

You realise that makes no sense? I've never been interested in what they're trying to offer with Kinect. If I was I'd let the whole community know. I'd rather they take that focus and put it into core titles. I'm sure most Xbox 360 fans would too, which was my point.

And if I was a kid I might have a stab at trying to enjoy these games, but sadly nothing has come about that is good enough.

Hicken2206d ago

Just a tip: calling other people "kid" pretty much clues everyone else in that you're rather young, yourself. People only resort to that when they want to look more mature than whoever they're talking to; on the internet, it just confirms how young- physically or mentally, take your pick- YOU are.