DmC: Devil May Cry [Preview] - Red vs. Blue (IncGamers)

IncGamers: Dante returns, but not completely as we know him.

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Kratoscar20082256d ago

Again this game looks awesome i liked HS more than DMC4 and this game gameplay could be as awesome as previous DMC and HS together.


RyuX192256d ago

I thought HS was a boring piece of trash.

Kratoscar20082256d ago

HS was and is a great game, have great characters and one of the best use of the Sixaxis wich made me believe that the sixaxis would be a great addition to a lot of games, sadly that wasnt the case, the Hero sequences reminded me of GoW wich i love, the facial expresions of HS were awesome thanks to the Golum (LotR) guy, and at least it doesnt have the recycled bosses and areas from DMC4.

The block system is great and have a lot of deep when dealing with enemies, DMC (This version) can restore my faith in the series as i enjoyed DMC 1, DMC 2 and DMC 3 but 4 was MEH.

RyuX192256d ago

@Kratoscar2008 I don't know why you wasted your time writing that lol. I played the game I thought it was awful, and I don't really care for GoW as well. And it's "a lot of depth" not "a lot of deep."

Uncharted2Vet2256d ago

Sorry but everything NT produce is trash not one game from them is good

2256d ago
Omar912256d ago

I honestly cannot wait for this game. It looks fantastic. I was only introduced to DMC series with DMC4 , i thought it was an amazing game.the music, gameplay and graphics were great imo. I was never a fan of the previous games but now I'm starting to become a fan of the series. This game, looks great regardless of all the hate its getting.

Kratoscar20082255d ago

fanboys of DMC have no other choice that support this game or Capcom wont be making another DMC, then dont be crying when Capcom dish out the series.

RyuX192255d ago

Fans of the series rather watch the series die than have this piece of crap share its name. This whole reboot was pointless, and because of this game the DMC series will die for no real reason other than Capcom's stupidity.

If you support this game you might as well just shoot your DMC games with a shotgun cause you are still killing the series. This game is not Devil May Cry.

VileAndVicious2250d ago


"Fans of the series rather watch the series die than have this piece of crap share its name."
hmmm that seems perfectly logical...

However since Im an actually you know "fan" of the series I wouldn't like to see it die. Thats quite possibly the stupidest comment I think Ive ever read (and Ive read a lot of stupid things). Speak for yourself please. Were you this up in arms when DMC2 came out? Have you even played DMC2?

A fan usually means they support something regardless of circumstances, and most fans usually at least wait to play a game demo or otherwise before they judge it. SMH you new age gamers lol.

RyuX192250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )


Fanboys usually support something regardless of circumstances. I'm a fan, and a fan doesn't want the thing they love slowly turn into something terrible. Ever heard of the phrase "quit while your head?" I'd rather have the series end at DMC4 then have a crappy reboot I know I'm not going to care for.

They should have at least finished the original story before even bothering a reboot. That to me just shows how much they really care for the series or their fans.

Same with Ninja Gaiden. I wish Ninja Gaiden had ended at 2 because Ninja Gaiden 3 was so terrible. No fan could support that game.

Kyosuke_Sanada2255d ago

You are saying that like it's a bad thing. Juxtaposition this unnecessary reboot with the insults from Capcom and Ninja Theory towards old-school fans of the series turned a lot of their buyers away so even if it disappears, people wouldn't really give a damn.

Besides, games like Max Anarchy showed that its spot is easily filled......

VileAndVicious2250d ago

I believe Capcom insulted "old school fans of the series" back when they never allowed Hideki Kimya to actually do a true sequel to the first DMC game on PS2. The series has changed so much with each new DMC game anyway.Yet "old school fans of the series" continue to buy each new game (myself included).
There is no such thing as unnecessary, we adapt.

Kyosuke_Sanada2250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

@ Vile and Vicious

When a Capcom/ Ninja Theory calls the old fanbase of their product "sheep" and some of them still buy the game anyway isn't adapting...

When a game's original identity is cast aside to run on an inferior engine and taking elements from other titles instead of promoting the foundation established isn't adapting.......

When I am angered that I went to a metal concert and they decided to play dubstep instead doesn't mean that I don't want to adapt......

VileAndVicious2250d ago

You pretty much touched on what I had written earlier. IMO DMCs original identity had long since been gone every since the original creator was removed from the franchise. That means in a way the story had already been modified from what had originally been envisioned, game play elements altered, ect. Pretty much every single DMC game had been made by a different team of since DMC2.

As far as N'T new spin on DMC other than them changing Dantes origin. And honestly...didn't think DMC4 was so hot. Felt like things were getting a little stake IMO. The new game looks similar enough that it's DMC (game play wise remains to be seen) I just don't understand how you can say it's inferior in every way when you haven't even played a demo yet. Yes it runs at 30 frames per second, but it looks to run smoothly. Not all of the DMC games ran at 60 fps (there were only 2). At it's core it looks like a gritty Devil May Cry so much so that if it wasn't called Devil May Cry I'd constantly in the back of my mind think to myself that "Hey this game reminds me of another game about a guy in a trench coat with a sword and two guns...who can juggle enemies in the air"

Now for N'T themselves I'm not going to defend them, yeah they are douchey and say douchey things. But to be honest I don't have to like them personally to like this game if it actually plays well. But really I think this e3 will be the time to determine whether or not N'T is going in the right direction, I just don't think we've seen enough actual game play to conclude other wise.

Kyosuke_Sanada2250d ago

I also admit as well that Devil May Cry IV wasn't as the previous versions however I believed that the engine it ran would have been perfect to run a new volume of the series on. What they needed to change was not the look of the game but the quality of story which was a good idea going to NT for advice fro however Capcom did the stupid move of throwing everything what they have done out the window instead of learning from their mistakes which have been evident in all of its high ranking franchises.

I'm open-minded with change mind you in all games but only implement ones that help in improving the grounds the title has already built up on. Metal Gear Solid 4, Killzone II and Red Dead Redemption are games that did over hauls necessary to enhance gameplay exponentially but still feel like their previous iterations at the end of the day without downgrading.

I still will not buy the game to teach Ninja Theory and Capcom a lesson in customer service but if the gameplay manages to take the action genre to the next level, I wouldn't mind eating crow. Putting this against Platinum's best is going to be an interesting battle at E3....