Video game preorders are useless

Preorders and their exclusive-content bonuses have become a mainstay in the game-buying process, and they're really annoying.

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Wintersun6162257d ago

For someone like me who doesn't have the most stable or plentiful income, they can be useful for those must have games, sometimes I simply don't have enough money to buy a brand new game, but every now and then I can do that if I pre-order and pay it when I have that money available.

The free stuff that comes with pre-orders is pretty useless in most cases though.

Persistantthug2256d ago

But other than that, I too never preorder, because I get the same stuff on a first day walk in buy....actually, I get it that whole first week.

THR1LLHOUSE2257d ago

I only pre-order if there's some kind of bonus i really want...the last two I've done were Deus Ex: HR and Bioshock.

MysticStrummer2256d ago

Sweeping statements are useless. I pre-order when there's a bonus I want. It works just fine for me and many other people.

Hicken2256d ago

i preorder when I feel like it. I try to put money down on every game I know I want before it comes out, so I can pay it off in pieces and not come out of pocket all at once. But I don't do that for every game, nor do I wind up buying every game I preorder.

TheModernKamikaze2256d ago

I think if you pre order and get bonuses it is useless they sometimes give it away for free in the months away. The bonus you get is limited timed exclusive and sometimes it has benefits like the guy above me said Amazon gift cards.