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mephman2137d ago

Not sure about taking over the world, but it's going to have a major impact on the MMOscape.

ShawnCollier2137d ago

Hopefully it isn't as buggy as the other ES games have been recently at launch.

MysticStrummer2137d ago

Recently? Bethesda has a long and storied history of putting out buggy games. I'm not sure they've ever released a game that didn't require multiple patches.

kydrice2137d ago

With the graphics it has, highly unlikely. I fear another SWOTOR hype machine only for it to fail, oh and please don't tell me SWOTOR did not fail. For a game with enough hype to restart a dying star, it losing 400k subs and is still no where the numbers of WoW. I'm huge WoW fan but I haven't played since Burning Crusade, I know WoW is on the decline as well but it's been out for years and still retains a gargantuan lead. If a game has to throw up "free weekends" near the start of it's life, it's game over in the future. Good luck Elder Scrolls MMO, you'll need it. I'll stick with Skyrim and wait for TESVI.

GamingPerson2137d ago (Edited 2137d ago )

has u seen wow graphics?
If tes is f2p play then it would be nice.

spike2137d ago

Nerds don't rule the world so why would a nerdy game like this rule the world.

Dovahkiin2137d ago

Because this article says so, why else?