What are You Playing - May 11th | GoozerNation

Let's take a look at what the crew at GoozerNation has been playing over the past two weeks. Not a whole lot of new releases, but we've got great suggestions for those looking for something to play during the down time.

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jthamind2232d ago

right now i'm playing the original Witcher: Enhanced Edition and Warp.

sikapwach2232d ago

How are you liking the witcher?? we had a couple people playing a few weeks ago. It seems to be getting a pretty warm reception.

Hicken2232d ago

Starhawk and P3P. Eventually, I'll be playing Gravity Rush, and more Legend of Dragoon.

Rhezin2232d ago

awww I miss tribes sooo much. Used to play the sh!t outta Tribes: Aerial Assault on ps2. First and last game I've ever was in a clan. RIP Cirrus.

SneeringImperialist2232d ago

Tribes Ascend is awesome! I've also been playing Fallout 3, it never gets old lol.

sikapwach2231d ago

Yah I just got all of the New Vegas DLC, so I gotta burn through all of that