Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 to Feature a Woman President

Black Ops 1 intro video feature a female cast member that is leading the way for more woman in the next COD BO2 game. Not only will there be new and more females feature in the game but one of the leading roles will be by a US woman president.

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mike1up2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

Does anyone else find it funny that the article is about more leading roles for women... but has a picture zoomed in on a woman's chest?

blinkingfast2405d ago

the image is the same one used on the article. this website does not re-size but zooms in. the person in the image was a paid woman working for black ops she does movies and tv show.

sorry it looks bad like that but i have no control over that.

inveni02405d ago

Who's to say that they were trying to give women leading roles? They could just be saying, "This is why we're at war."


guitarded772405d ago

The image is not just some "paid woman"... that's Emmanuelle Chriqui. She plaid Sloan on Entourage and is beyond smokin' hot.

MidnytRain2405d ago

You have to crop the image so the center of the picture is her face, or wherever the desired focus is.

egidem2404d ago

Not gonna lie to anyone, I saw the picture of the woman's chest, I clicked on it. I'm that simple.

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ginsunuva2405d ago

I thought women and women's chests were the same thing.

MrMister2402d ago

How about a female soldier to play as too? So my GF can have her own customized female fighter during split screen zombies or online?

NovusTerminus2405d ago

Why is this news? Vanquish did the same thing, that didn't make the news.

ACBAA2405d ago

the news here is that somebody actually plays Vanquish

Lord_Sloth2405d ago

I know, man! It's like...nobody plays anything that requires some level of skill!

LAWSON722405d ago

Ya you never even played the game or didn't even give the game a chance

aviator1892405d ago

I LOLed at the picture. Doesn't really match the article's message, but still hilarious how it's this particular image of a woman.

user54670072405d ago

She'll probably have blonde hair, blue eyes, big boobs and she will be played by an ex pornstar or model

rdgneoz32405d ago

And declare war on other countries 5 days out of every month...

Drazz2405d ago

Those boobs are meh..

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The story is too old to be commented.