Hideo Kojima: Fox Engine will be demonstrated in July, will miss E3

DSOGaming writes: "One of the most highly anticipated engines of this generation hardware is definitely the Fox Engine from Konami. And since E3 is just around the corner, a lot of people were expecting to see this bad boy in action during the biggest gaming event. Especially after Konami teasing that they had big things for this year’s E3. Unfortunately though, Fox Engine won’t be present at E3."

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gtxgamer22262d ago

Hearing MGS5 be rumored if it goes multiplat ill be very upset.

NYC_Gamer2262d ago

Why would you be upset?MGS is a multiplat franchise anyway....

TopDudeMan2262d ago

I hope that question is rhetorical.
It's obvious he is a fanboy.

Hisiru2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

I don't have a x360 anymore (I only have a PS3 + Wii and I am happy with it) but I don't mind a x360 version as long as the PS3 version is intact.

Baka-akaB2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

As long as the engine is up to par and the game doesnt suffer who cares ?

Kojima did afterall successfully supervise a team that release a multiplatforme game that was close enough to say God of War 3 (Castlevania lord of Shadows) . Gow III might have still been above technically , but it's a gorgeous game nonetheless

SPAM-FRITTER-1232262d ago

why will you be upset. PS3 will be the main platform. a real metal gear fan wouldn't care what platform it was on, as long he got to play the greatest gaming franchise in history.

can not wait for MGS5.

if its on the PC then its a bonus,if not ill go buy a console again for it. bought a PS3 for MGS4 but if its on the xbox ill grab that.

Outside_ofthe_Box2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

As long as it's a GOOD game that's all that matters. Knowing Kojima, MGS5 will be another master piece regardless, so we shouldn't fear it going multiplat like Final Fantasy Versus 13...

Can't wait to that fox engine.

2262d ago
Omnislash2261d ago

Its not about fanboyism, its about wanting a game that can be better than MGS4. And with the Xbox getting in the way of another 10/10 masterpiece game we have every right to not wanting MGS5 to be multiplat.

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TopDudeMan2262d ago

Please MGS5, please, please, please!!! I want it naow!

Chitown712912262d ago

Damn no Rockstar, no Fox are they showing at E3? lol

raytraceme2262d ago

Microsoft's "Entertainment Evolved"

Pshhh who need games when you got "Entertainment"

trenso12262d ago

I'm excited to see what Kojima will show next.

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