Modern Warfare 3's free Face Off DLC gets first video

TVGB: "Modern Warfare 3's Season of Content is great, assuming you're a Call of Duty Elite member which, conspicuously, not all of you are. For you, here's a bone, courtesy of Activision and the multitude of developer studios behind the massively popular game."

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KeiserSosay47882081d ago

1v1 with P2P servers doesn't sound so good, imo. Especially since the devs are stating that their aim is for faceoff to be competitive; which implies fair; which is not what P2P is, lol.

WeskerChildReborned2081d ago

Did they ever think of if people will use these modes to boost?

cee7732081d ago (Edited 2081d ago )

20+ million sales each COD and this is the free DLC this is so disrespectful and a slap to the consumers face F&*^ you activision. microsoft bends over backwards to secure timed excusive free DLC but cant manage to let other devs do what sony has done for years put free dlc on live like psn

Ravenor2081d ago

You got that right, they sell enough copies of the base game to at least bolster the MP game with some free map packs. What's unfortunate is they used to do that on the PC (CoD4/WaW) before they found a way to monetize it.

I really think these free 1v1/2v2 maps aren't necessarily a slap in the face, but a really weak show of love to those who enjoyed CoD in 2003 and a weak show of faith to newer gamers who may have started gaming because of peers wanting them to play some CoD with them or whatever.

dotwithshoes2080d ago

You do realize that publishers can and do put free DLC on Xbox Live. The publishers have to pay to have that free DLC on PSN, as they would on Xbox Live. They choose to make us pay for it instead of them paying for it.

Pandamobile2080d ago

So you get 2 Face off maps for free, and everything else is paid?