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Submitted by ShotgunPlusFace 1368d ago | opinion piece

Videogames: Loving the art, Hating the business

Writing for Game Front, Jim Sterling argues: "With an increased focus on the scummier side of the game industry, a recurring question is tossed my way: why are you writing about videogames if they piss you off so much?" (Culture, Industry, Tag Invalid)

Flatbattery  +   1368d ago
Shame we don't see more articles like this.
Godmars290  +   1368d ago
Surprised there hasn't been more of an uproar since companies like Activision and Square Enix shamelessly announced their intention of taking the fun out of making games. Of making the process of one bent towards a production line.
drizzom  +   1368d ago
Its always the golden articles that often go unnoticed. :(

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