Can the Xbox 360 do casual gaming?

You all know the story. But the Xbox made its name by appealing to the classic gaming audience who love shooters, driving and sports games. And it has done it superbly - if you like traditional videogames the 360 is still the best there is.

The struggle to create a universally accessible game seems to be a problem for the 360. Look at Xbox Live. It's a great, by far the best online service on a console. Sign up and you get access to a stack of casual games like Zuma, Bejewelled, Hexic and the rest. But considering that you have to buy a 360 and then pay £40 per year for the service you can see why the casual audience could be put off.

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power of Green 3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

Maybe if the devs take the risk of developing Ace casual titles they will sell but are the casual consumer market actually buying alot of casual software.

Thanks I just cheched the Sales. Guess you have to buy a 360 and a wii to play games.

Prismo_Fillusion3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

Viva Pinata, the 360's best casual game sold 1.09 million copies in 62 weeks. Super Mario Galaxy has sold 4.55 million copies in 10 weeks. I think you'll find that a lot of other casual-type games on the Wii have amazing sales as well. The problem with Wii software sales is in the hardcore games (with the exceptions of RE4 and maybe Twilight Princess), just like the 360 can't sell casual games.

Edit: If anyone disagrees with me then find me some high software sales of a casual game on the 360.

Gina-get-u3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

Ahem, I play Super Mario Galaxy. Super Mario Galaxy is a SERIOUS game. Super Mario Galaxy IS NOT a casual game. And neither was Viva Pinata. Don't confuse games aimed at children with casual games. Scene It is a casual game, and so is wii sports. I do not play Scene it. I do not play wii sports. Know the difference.

And as I've said all along, casual gamers, by definition, don't buy a heck of a lot of games or invest a lot of time or money in gaming. If they did, they wouldn't be so casual anymore, would they?

So why the hell does everybody care so freakin much about the casual gamer? How many wiis have to be sold before EA makes as much on it as the 360? 100 million? Probably more?

Why o why3989d ago

but it seems some things (pog'gy) never change. Are you worried about something? Does the fact that the 360 doesnt appeal to the casual gamer force you to throw bs at the ps3? [email protected]

Seems all this bad publicity the 360 is getting is just karma and you know what they say about that dont ya

suck it up big boy.

Sorry 360 fans. I do actually have something constructive to say and that is that MS are trying to appeal more to the casual gamers or out of the box consumers with games like scene it and beautiful katamari. please check out this site

it shows many games most sites dont really give exposure to for all formats

Clinton5143989d ago

I double many want to invest big time into the casual realm on a self-proclaimed "hardcore" gamer's machine.

Rayko3989d ago

360 really need other games than FPS and wargames.It starts to put me off big time.Tom Clancy this Tom Clancy that.....yuck please stop already!

destroyah3989d ago

it's all FPS FPS FPS FPS FPS because there's no such thing as innovation on Xbox consoles

littletad3989d ago

Weren't you around when this came up?

Seriously, and what are the major ps3 games your excited about? Resistance 2, Killzone 2, Haze, UT3 (already out). Almost all fps. Oh and of course MGS4 and FF13. But either way, innovation galore right?

RIPHDDVD3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

The biggest 360 games are all shooters.

Halo 3
Mass Effect (RPG about shooting)
Orange Box

LOL LBP alone is more innovative than every 360 game combined.

Don't try to bring up that link like it actually means something.

MGS4 = Stealth action.
Final Fantasy XIII = JRPG
White Knight Chronicles = JRPG
XIII Versus = JRPG
Gran Turismo 5 = Driving simulator.
Haze = FPS
Killzone 2 = FPS
Resistance 2 = FPS
God of War 3 = Action Adventure
Uncharted = Action Adventure
Ratchet & Clank = Platformer
Infamous = Action
Echochrome = Puzzle
Heavy Rain = Unknown, but Quantic Dream doesn't make shooters. They make unforgettable experiences.
Valkyrie of the Battlefield = Action Strategy
Yakuza 3 = Action
Wipeout HD = Racer
New Team Ico game = Adventure
Disgaea 3 = Strategy JRPG
Tekken 6 = Fighting game
Wardevil Enigma = Action
NEW PS3 exclusive Rockstar franchise = who knows? but it won't be an FPS.

Our choices are varied genres. Not the same mindless crap each and every time.

Why o why3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

buzz, echochrome, singstar and almost every rpg/rpg known to man of this earth.

check out this site

it shows games coming on all formats and its clear that sony and nintendo have far more casual type games coming. check it out.

Kulupoo3989d ago

360 is not a casual game console for me
I hated arcade games on 360, puzzle quest/pac-man champ/geometry war
but again... I guess you need to be @ ur own house playing those games.. not on ur friend 360...(all night halo 3 party lol)